19th January 2021

'China’s Political System: Responding to Giant Crises', Prof. Wang Zhengxu, Fudan University.

19th February 2020

“The world of tomorrow: Imagining Afro-Asian Solidarity & the Modernisation Project in the People’s Republic of China in the 1950s.” Dr Zhiguang Yin, University of Exeter.

22nd January 2020

“Happily Ever After (Documentary Film Screening and Q&A). Director He Xiaopei, Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre China

14th January 2020

“Regimes of Temporality: China, Tibet and the Politics of Time in the Post-2008 Era.” Dr. Séagh Kehoe, University of Westminster

10th December 2019

“China and North Korea's development and security nexus.” Dr. Catherine Jones, University of St. Andrews.

14th November 2019

“The EU’s tightening scrutiny on FDI from China and political risks for Chinese corporations” Dr. Fanwei Kong, Lancaster University.

28th October 2019

“Chinese public opinion's role in crisis diplomacy: preliminary findings from the field”, Prof. Andrew Chubb, Lancaster University.

14th May 2019

“International influences on social policy in China”, Prof. Jane Duckett, Glasgow University.

24th January 2019

‘Playmates’, by director HE Xiaopei, Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre China

22nd November 2018

'Brexit, Trade War and the Future of Sino-UK Relations', Prof. WANG Zhanpeng, Beijing Jiaotong University

24th October 2018

Is China a post-secular society? The appearance of Xinyang in Chinese political discourse’, Professor Gerda Wielander, Westminster University

15th November 2017

Are the US and China destined for war?’, Prof. Peter Hays Gries, University of Manchester

16th February 2017

Investigating Employability and Entrepreneurship in China’, Dr Peter Sewell, Lancaster University

24th November 2016

Every day-Life Business Delinquencies of Chinese SME Owners’, Dr Qingan Huang University of East London

23rd November 2016

British Born Chinese’ Research Documentary Film, Dr Elena Barabantseva, University of Manchester

26th October 2016

Will individual religious belief lead to increased propensity for the individual to act entrepreneurially in China?’ Dr Haina Zhang, Lancaster University

10th July 2016

The 4th Chinese Language Teacher Training Workshop Theme: Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) teaching methodology and teaching resources

24th May 2016

China Research Forum, Lancaster University

29th April 2016

Asia as part of the EU’s Global Security Strategy: Reflections on a more strategic approach’ Dr Michael Reiterer, Principal Advisor for Asia, European External Action Services (EEAS)

26th April 2016

Returnee CEOs under Weak Institution: Blessing or Curse?’ Dr Wenxuan Hou, University of Edinburgh

15th March 2016

Governance with Chinese Characteristics? The Politics of Financial Market Regulation in China’ Prof. Dr Jörn-Carsten Gottwald, Ruhruniversität Bochum

9th March 2016

China’s Global Goals and Roles: Changing the World from Second Place?’ Professor Shaun Breslin, Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.

11th February 2016

Designing Performance-Based Incentives for Healthcare Services: Challenges for China’s Healthcare System and Insight from the English NHS’, Professor Zhan Pang, Lancaster University

4th November 2015

Visualizing China and the World: Documentary Filmmaking as a Critical Method’ William A. Callahan, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science

29th October 2015

Revisiting Entrepreneurship in a Transition Context’, Professor David Smallbone, Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and Associate Director of the Small Business Research Centre

10th October 2015

New Chinglish and the Post-Multilingualism Challenge ’, Professor Li Wei, Chair of Applied Linguistics and Director of the UCL Centre of Applied Linguistics at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London

18th June 2015

Relational embeddedness and Supply Flexibility: The Moderating Role of Proactiveness and Culture Differences”, Dr Matevz Raskovic, Assistant Professor, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics

5th May 2015

China and Disaster Governance: Unravelling the Domestic Sources of a Global Responsibility’, Dr Pichamon Yeophantong, Lecturer in International Relations and Development, University of New South Wales, Australia

12th March 2015

Chinese currency and its influences on China’s economic growth and globalisation‘ Kang Qu, Bank of China

25th February 2015

Addressing heterogeneity of consumer preferences and the demand for cars in China’ Dr Didier Soopramanien, Associate Professor, International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University

29th January 2015

Science, Technology and Innovation in China: Progress, Problems and Prospect’, Dr Cong Cao University of Nottingham