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Proficiency Tests

Lancaster University Confucius Institute is an official UK test centre for HSK, HSKK, and YCT Chinese Proficiency tests.

About Chinese Tests

This page provides details of forthcoming test dates, how to register, and how to pay for a test.

The standard written proficiency tests for Mandarin Chinese are known as Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Tests. HSKK Tests refer to the standard oral proficiency tests. In addition, Youth Chinese Tests (YCT) are the official proficiency tests (both written and oral) designed for young learners of Mandarin Chinese, and are intended mostly for primary and secondary school-aged learners.

These are the officially recognised proficiency tests for non-native speakers of Chinese, and are required for most opportunities to study or work in China.

More information on these tests can be found on the Chinese Testing Website, or alternatively, you are welcome to send any questions to us by email.


Lancaster University Confucius Institute offer YCT online preparation classes, HSK and HSKK preparation and HSK drop-in sessions.

Summer term HSK preparation sessions

  • HSK 1 and 2 drop in: Tuesdays, 12-1pm
  • HSK 3 and 4 drop in: Tuesdays, 1-2pm
  • HSK 3 preparation class (online): Tuesdays, 5-6pm

Summer term YCT online preparation sessions

  • YCT level 1: Wednesdays, 4.15-5.00pm
  • YCT level 2: Thursdays, 4.00-4.45pm

For more information and to register for the preparation sessions, please email Lancaster University Confucius Institute:

2024 Test Dates

Please see the links below for the full list of test dates and registration deadlines for HSK, HSKK, and YCT tests in 2024.


HSK, HSKK and YCT Paper-Based Tests

Please click the button below to view the paper-based test dates and fees for 2024.

Paper-based test dates 2024

HSK and HSKK Online Home-Based Tests

Chinese Testing International, which administers HSK and HSKK tests, has instituted new policies for online tests for test-takers from certain countries (including the UK). The following now applies:

1. Any registration for a HSK 3, 4, 5 or 6 test needs to be accompanied by a registration for the appropriate level of HSKK oral test i.e. HSK 3 plus HSKK Beginner, HSK 4 plus HSKK Intermediate, HSK 5 or 6 plus HSKK Advanced.

2. Where a test-taker registers for just a HSK 1 or HSK 2 test, or just a HSKK test, there is an increase in fee for that test.

Please click the button below for more information, and to view the home-based online test dates 2023.

Home-based online test dates and fees 2023