Handshake imposed over world map, imposed over blue sky. Image by Gerd Altmanm from Pixabay.

Chinese for Business

This Mandarin Chinese language course is designed for beginners, or those with little prior knowledge, who are interested in learning Chinese for work.

You will start with the basics of Chinese pronunciation and learn simplified characters as used in mainland China, with a focus on daily language used in the business context.

Learning a new language requires dedication and private study between classes. We estimate you will need to spend approximately 3 hours per week in addition to your lessons, reviewing your learning, doing homework and revising new vocabulary.

With dedicated study, by the end of the course you will reach Basic User level, close to Level 2 of the Chinese proficiency test HSK (or close to A2 Waystage within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Lancaster University Confucius Institute is a HSK test centre, therefore if your target is a formal qualification which is recognised worldwide, you could aim for HSK (written Chinese exam) and HSKK (oral and listening Chinese exam). For more information, see our Proficiency Tests Page.

1-to-1 Classes: If you are interested in a more personal session, we can also offer tailored 1-to-1 sessions with a Chinese Teacher, who can allow flexible sessions to suit your needs and interests. Classes will be £40 per hour, please enquire if you are interested.