‘China in 2030 and its Role in the World Economy’ by Professor Xiaolan Fu. Lancaster University Confucius Institute Annual Lecture 2023

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From left to right: Dr Amily Guénier, Professor Mei Yang, Professor Edward Simpson, Professor Steve Bradley, Professor Xiaolan Fu and Professor Jinghan Zeng

Lancaster University Confucius Institute (LUCI) Annual Lecture 2023.

On Wednesday 1st November 2023, economist, academic and Lancaster University alumna, Professor Xiaolan Fu, Professor of Technology and International Development from the University of Oxford, delivered her highly anticipated lecture on ‘China in 2030 and its Role in the World Economy’at Lancaster University to a capacity audience of 120 people including staff, students, and academics from Lancaster University and other institutions as well as members of the public.

Hosted by Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University, Professor Steve Bradley and Director of LUCI, Professor Jinghan Zeng, the audience also included the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Edward Simpson; LUCI China Director, Professor Mei Yang and LUCI Deputy Director, Dr Amily Guénier as well as academics from the Department of Economics.

The evening began with a warm welcome from Professor Jinghan Zeng, followed by an introduction to the speaker by Professor Steve Bradley, who wished the event a success.

In her captivating address, Professor Fu touched on China's rise over the past decade, highlighting its exponential economic growth and unparalleled technological advancements. Drawing upon a blend of comprehensive data analysis and nuanced socio-economic projections, she noted China’s current role as a global economic powerhouse as well as the opportunities and challenges it faces.

One of the focal points of the lecture was Professor Fu's deep dive into the intersection of China's economy and its burgeoning advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Professor Fu’s insights provided a comprehensive outlook on China's future trajectory and its implications for the global economy as well as AI innovation and its impact on society. With an emphasis on the country's economic resilience and innovation capacity, she elucidated how China is transitioning into innovation-driven growth and shaping the global landscape of technological innovation in general and AI in particular.

After the talk, there was an opportunity for people in the audience to ask Professor Fu questions. Professor Fu addressed concerns about potential challenges that may impede China's economic drive and technological innovation. Acknowledging the serious challenges ahead, she concluded that innovation and modernisation are likely to be the major engines driving the country’s next wave of growth. The interactive discussion further underscored the significance of China's economic and technological endeavors in the global context as an economic powerhouse, defender of globalisation and contributor to scientific knowledge that fosters digital and sustainability transformation.

Thank you to Professor Xiaolan Fu for an informative and engaging lecture and thank you all those who came to listen to Professor Fu’s lecture.

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