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The world has never been more connected than it is today, and businesses are turning to digital technologies to sell more products, gain more customers, improve efficiency or to enhance their processes and build partnerships. Mobile phones have evolved to become powerful computers you can hold in the palm of your hand, and wireless technology is at the dawn of its 5th Generation (5G). The advent of Industry 4.0 brings with it promising new technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, cyber physical systems and so much more.

This fast paced, quickly changing environment, leaves many businesses with another challenge: how can we embrace new technology safely, and securely, without the restraints traditional security measures bring?

Cyber Works believes that cyber security is more than just a necessary safety feature and a drag on the bottom line; it is a driver for innovation and growth.

Cyber security is often considered as necessary evil, one which slows you down and costs money. We would like to challenge that thinking by drawing upon this analogy, think about the noble locomotive. From steam, to diesel and electricity, powerful engines that have propelled humanity at great speeds around the globe, with none so greater a speed than the Japanese bullet trains.

Consider the brakes. An imperative safety feature in any moving vehicle, their purpose: To slow one down safely to a stop. However, would you ever travel in a vehicle without brakes? The Japanese Bullet Trains are some of the fastest in the world. Yet, the innovation was not to simply make the trains go faster – any engineer can simply add more power and make a train go faster – the real innovation was the brakes. Brakes do indeed slow you down, but they are also the mechanism which allows you to go faster, safe in the knowledge that you are able to slow down and stop safely when you need to.

We believe that Cyber Security is the necessary safety feature which will allow us to drive innovation in business and allow us all to go faster.

This is why we have developed our online Secure Ditalisation programme to support businesses.

Secure Digitalisation

You do not have to be technical in nature to learn how to protect your technology and we support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) from all sectors to engage more with cyber security

The Secure Digitalisation programme aims to cover three simple concepts: Defend. Innovate. Grow.

We encourage a secure by design philosophy, and companies that are involved with the secure digitalisation programme learn how to weave cyber security practices into their organisations to help them defend, innovate and grow their business.

We are changing the narrative around Cyber Security by asking “How can we embed these core concepts into your business model and strategy?”