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Data Science

Data Science

We focus on new methods, algorithms and applications of transforming data in real-time and autonomously to meet real-world needs. We often work with large scale, non-stationary, streaming, heterogeneous and unstructured blocks of data. The areas of our expertise include machine learning and data mining, intelligent video analytics, natural language processing, autonomous learning and dynamically evolving self-learning systems.


Plamen Angelov

Centre for Technological Futures , Cyber Security Research Centre (Data), Digital Health Group, DSI - Foundations, Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre, LIRA - Advanced Manufacturing, LIRA - Biomedical, LIRA - Environmental Modelling, LIRA - Extreme Environments, LIRA - Fundamentals, LIRA - Security and Defence, LIRA - Smart Cities and Mobility, LIRA - Society and Human Behaviour, SCC (Data Science), Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence), Security Lancaster (Secure Machine Learning and Intelligence), Security Lancaster (Systems Security)

Nigel Davies

Professor Nigel Davies

Head of Department, Distinguished Professor

CeMoRe - Centre for Mobilities Research, Centre for Global Eco-innovation , Cyber Security Research Centre (Pervasive Systems), DSI - Foundations, Energy Lancaster, SCC (Pervasive Systems)

Paul Fearnhead

Professor Paul Fearnhead

Distinguished Professor of Statistics

Bayesian and Computational Statistics, Changepoints and Time Series, DSI - Foundations, Statistical Artificial Intelligence, STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training

B23, B - Floor, Fylde College