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Pervasive Systems

Pervasive Systems

Our work is characterised by a focus on understanding socio-technical aspects of systems in the real-world so that we can usefully contribute to both technology itself and to debates about important societal issues, and technology's relevance and role in these. Our work spans a number of pervasive computing application areas like Smart health and Wellbeing, Augmented Cognition, Energy and Sustainability, Transport Information and Pervasive Displays and Analytics

My research focuses on ensuring user privacy in future pervasive environments. Recent research is focused on: the use of privacy mediators to provide users with simple mental models or privacy boundaries (joint work with CMU); privacy aware personalisation and analytics for smart environments; developing new models of user consent based on delegation (joint work with Edinburgh) and more speculative work on understanding the future security and privacy risks in future augmented memory systems (joint work with USI, Switzerland). I also lead Lancaster’s involvement in exploring the use of Blockchain technologies in novel application domains including supporting new forms of charitable giving and providing patients with control over the use of their health data. We have a long history of research in privacy for pervasive computing dating back to the highly cited (427 cites) paper “Preserving privacy in environments with location-based applications”, G Myles, A Friday, N Davies - IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2003.

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DSI: Collaborative research on Human Memory Augmentation with Earables
01/04/2019 → 31/03/2020