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Systems Security Group

Cyber Security deficiencies constitute a clear, present and future danger.

The identification, assessment and mitigation of vulnerabilities and threats, constitute critical security artefacts. These artefacts require consideration across the entire systems stack, encompassing hardware, software, middleware, networks, and users.

With security as an end-to-end "systems" property, the Systems Security Group (SSG) undertakes fundamental and empirically-driven research, addressing the susceptibility of complex socio-technical systems to compromises.

The SSG group advocates a data-centric view, to comprehensively explore system-level security challenges, spanning data at rest, transit, and over its usage. We research the interplay between vulnerabilities, threats, and impact in order to provide trustworthy (dependable, resilient, and secure) functionality in computer systems. Our application domains include cyber-physical systems, network infrastructure, software, middleware and virtualized environments.

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