Dr Chryssa Themelis

Research Associate

Research Overview

I am a researcher in technology enhanced learning (TEL), interested in embodied cognition, holographs (mixed reality), visual literacies, virtual reality, gamification, games, brain research, artificial intelligence, distance education and MOOCs.

I work as educational researcher for EU projects such as Erasmus + and coordinate thel VocTEL conference aiming to promote TEL in Europe. In 2007, Hellenic American Union awarded my research center of foreign language with a Certificate of Recognition. I hold a BA in Economics from Deere College, a MSc in Networked Learning and a PhD in the field of “E-research and Technology Enhanced Learning” from Lancaster University (department of educational research). Having studied at Harvard school of education, action research, my goal is to link research and practice, so as to improve learning and maximize social impact.

I belong to the Networked Learning conference reviewers’ committee UK, the British Journal of Educational Technology reviewers’ panel, EdMedia + Innovate Learning reviewer’ team, the open praxis journal, educational research and IRRODL journal editorial teams. As research assessor, I review UKERI proposals for the British council and European Union proposals for H2020 FET Innovation Launchpad Calls. Research material is published at books, peer-reviewed journals and presented at several conferences in the UK, Denmark, Spain, the USA, Italy, Cyprus and Greece.

Exploring Video Literacy and the Practice of Educators: Videos, Vlogs, Videoconferencing and Holographic Teleportation
Sime, J., Themelis, C. 25/06/2018 In: EdMedia & Innovate Learning 2018 Conference. Waynesville, NC : AACE p. 2029-2036. 8 p.

Tele-proximity: Tele-community of Inquiry Model. Facial Cues for Social, Cognitive, and Teacher Presence in Distance Education
Themelis, C., Bougia, A. 15/12/2016 In: The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 17, 6, p. 145-163. 19 p.
Journal article

E-learning design: an experiential approach for active engagement
Themelis, C. 23/10/2016 In: EEPEK Conference 2016. Larissa Greece : EEPEK p. 120-130. 11 p.
Conference contribution

Learning design for Vocational Technology Enhanced Learning (VOCTEL)
Themelis, C., Themeli, E.X. 17/11/2014 In: ICERI 2014 Proceedings. IATED p. 2411-2418. 5 p. ISBN: 9788461724840.
Conference contribution

Synchronous video communication for distance education: the educators’ perspective
Themelis, C. 3/07/2014 In: Open Praxis. 6, 3, p. 245-256. 12 p.
Journal article

Tele-proximity: the experienced educators’ perspective of human to human communication in distance education
Themelis, C. 7/11/2013 Lancaster University. 254 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Rhetoric for Synchronous video communication
Themelis, C., Bonzo, J. 11/07/2011 In: Proceedings of The 2011 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing. p. 234-241. 8 p.
Conference contribution

Athenian democracy and networked learning communities
Themelis, C., Parchoma, G., Reynolds, P.M. 2010 In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Networked Learning 2010, Aalborg, Denmark. p. 918-924. 7 p. ISBN: 9781862202252.

Community development of a philosophy-in-practice for a networked learning module
Parchoma, G.A., Joannidou, S., Bonzo, J., Themelis, C., Bell, A., Davis, J., Musselbrook Oberg, H., Prescott, D., Toumey, E., Wilkinson, J., Lawson, M., Avery, B. 9/11/2009 In: E-learn 2009. Chesapeake, VA : Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education p. 3055-3060. 6 p.