Research themes overview

Members of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation have published widely in the field of higher education research on research themes which include the following:

Student engagement and experience

This theme examines the experience of student life and the factors which enhance or detract from students’ engagement with their university, including the relationship between their participation in higher education and other aspects of their lives. 
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Learning, teaching and assessment in Higher Education

We offer research-based evidence to policy-makers and change agents to inform innovations in learning, teaching and assessment in universities.
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Evaluative cultures in Higher Education

Our evaluative work has been continuing for many years and has considered the effectiveness and efficiency of different aspects of higher education.
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Higher Education policy and change

This theme examines the development and implementation of policies and strategies in the higher education sector, including the management of change.
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Academic cultures and HE Practice

This theme looks at changing patterns of academic work, the nature of the academic experience, practices associated with research into higher education, and the history of higher education.
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