ESJ programme 10th anniversary

Welcome to our celebration of the 10th year of the PhD in Education and Social Justice!

I have had the pleasure of being the director of the PhD programme in Education and Social Justice for most of the ten years of its duration. I'm immensely proud of this programme which has attracted much praise from students and colleagues. I'm most proud of the individual PhD achievements of our alumni many of which are now having an impact and bringing about some positive change in the world. I hope you will enjoy reading more about these achievements from our alumni and current students.

Professor Jo Warin

Hear from some of our alumni

Paul Sherman - cohort 1

Paul was in the very first cohort of students on the ESJ programme. He tells us how the PhD led to his creation of a research centre in his institution. 4 minute video.

Lusanda Mayikana - cohort 2

Lusanda gives a very open and honest account of her PhD journey: the ups, downs and eventual successful outcome. 12 minute video

Anita Devi - cohort 4

Anita’s animation tells us how the PhD experience has helped her understand different meanings of social justice and how her research is shaping the journey of those in special educational needs and disability. 2 minute animation

Transcript for Anita Devi

Hello, I’m Dr Anita Devi.

I earned my Doctorate title from ESJ (Lancaster University) in 2022.

The whole PhD journey changed my life in so many ways, but I just want to share three main points with you today!

  1. As a long-standing educator, I thought I had a fairly clear understanding of what ‘social justice’ means.
  2. How wrong was I. The course showed me so many different dimensions to the construct ‘social justice’ and this was helpful in shaping my original research.
  3. Throughout the journey, I certainly learnt about attention to detail and perseverance!

My research is changing and shaping the leadership journey of others working in the field of special educational needs and disability.

Happy 10th anniversary ESJ and thank you!

Dr Anita Devi


Pamela Spiteri - cohort 5

National Impact of Pamela's ESJ research - Tackling educational inequalities in relation to Early Leaving from Education and Training (ELET)

Click on the images in Pamela's poster to find out more about the impact of her research

View PhD theses from the ESJ programme.

PhD theses from ESJ programme

While you are studying on the ESJ programme ...

Thomas Kral - cohort 7

Thomas gives us insights into how he constructed his researcher identity and particularly how he established trusting relationships with his research participants. 3 minute video

Olivia Boukydis - cohort 8

Olivia talks about how the ESJ programme is enabling her transition from social work practice to academia. 2 minute video

Kamil Tilyabaev - cohort 8

I would like to share my short story within ESJ.

I am grateful to ESJ for challenging my personal experience, prior knowledge and for the opportunities to re-evaluate it in a global context. I used to perceive education as a process of using mainly inner sources, motivations and reflections. Now I can see the beauty of considering education from wider perspectives as well. More importantly, I feel more and more courage to consider it so. I would like to thank all ESJ team for valuable learning and wish all the best.

Many students have published journal articles arising from their module assignments and theses.

Publications from ESJ programme