Nuclear Engineering

We have two laboratories - the UTGARD and Neutron labs - that host cutting-edge equipment for Nuclear Engineering.


UV-Vis-NearIR spectroscopy with stopped-flow

The Shimadzu UV-2600 spectrophotometer enables the absorption/transmission and reflection spectroscopic measurement of solutions and solids, through ultraviolet and visible light ranges (185-900 nm). Its integrating sphere additionally allows measurements into the near-infrared region (<1400 nm). The study of reaction kinetics is facilitated by the spectrometer’s fast scan speed and a dedicated TgK Scientific rapid mixing assembly.

Far-mid-near FTIR spectroscopy

The Shimadzu IR-tracer 100 Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer provides high-sensitivity measurements of infrared spectra from in the far-, mid- and near-infrared regions (12500-240cm-1 / 800-42000 nm). An ATR stage and range of sample holders allow for the study of solutions, oils, powders and thin films.


The Agilent 1220 Infinity LC System provides high-quality Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) capabilities. Its high-pressure pump allows small, particle-size column packing for separation of complex mixtures of organic species. It is equipped with an autosampler and UV detector allowing for rapid routine analysis of reaction by-products.


The Hitachi STA 7200 Simultaneous Thermal analyser allows thermogravimetric measurements and differential thermal analysis to be carried out at the same time on organic/polymeric compounds and inorganic ceramics and metals. Very small mass changes can be measured (0.2 µg), reaching temperatures of 1100ºC. Through coupling to a HIDEN HPR-20 QIC evolved gas analyser, the off-gases produced during decomposition of the compounds can be rapidly identified and quantified using mass spectrometry.

Neutron Lab

32-detector neutron calorimeter

Used for neutron multiplicity assay formally part of the National Nuclear Users' Facility (NNUF).