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Engineers help build the future, extend scientific progress and improve global economies. Our mission is to develop forward-thinking innovators who are able to overcome challenging problems using teamwork, originality and rigorous scientific acumen.

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You will enjoy innovative teaching methods, including creative project work. Our aim is to encourage you to learn and gain hands-on experience. We take pride in inspiring our future world-changing engineers.


The School of Engineering at Lancaster is a broad-based engineering centre, with a record of innovative teaching, world-class research and integration with industry.

  • Chemical Engineering

    Investigating all the relevant aspects of chemical and biochemical engineering, from fundamental science to engineering applications.

  • Electronic Engineering

    A leading group focusing on research spanning from digital electronics and materials to high-frequency applications.

  • Energy

    Addressing major scientific and technological challenges in emerging energy technologies and sustainability.

  • Manufacturing

    Understanding functional materials, composite systems, structural health monitoring, production processes and technologies.

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