Research within the Engineering Engagement Team

We have a small, but actively growing research arm which aims to disseminate the work undertaken in the use of design technologies for novel applications.

Research work undertaken so far looks at rapid prototyping applications, the use of eco-design methodologies in SMEs and the approach taken for strengthening domestic dwellings through integrity-analysis software.

Research areas

We currently have the following research interests and would be happy to explore any of these with interested parties.

A student using a 3D printer

Rapid design, prototyping and manufacture

  • Rapid technologies in novel applications
  • Industrial applications of rapid technologies to make time/cost saving
  • Medical and facial applications of rapid prototyping techniques
  • Virtual environment modelling and business applications
  • The use of CAD technologies to streamline/challenge conventional design processes

More information on these areas can be found on the National Rapid Design, Prototyping and Manufacture Conference website - an event co-organised by LPDU.

Sustainable engineering

  • The use of eco-design methods within industry to make time/cost savings
  • The interpretation of carbon footprinting/weighting in various applications and where boundaries should be drawn
  • Investigating challenges posed by carbon footprinting/weighting in manufacturing
A 3D printed wind turbine
Two people work on the Engineering Department shop floor

Engaging HEIs and the wider community

  • The benefits gained by regional construction SMEs after undergoing work-based training
  • The role of HEIs in designing and delivering economic regeneration Projects/Programmes
  • Theorising the process of knowledge exchange and technology transfer between Universities and Businesses
  • Understanding the quantitative and qualitative impacts of University-delivered business support

Research papers

Research papers