Our stakeholders include a large number of highly valued external colleagues

They include local clinicians; service users; representatives from the employing body (Lancashire Care Foundation Trust); commissioning body (Health Education North West) and regional special interest groups.

The programme's extensive team of stakeholders is held in high esteem, without such dedication the programme would not have such a strong reputation for its teaching, research, supervision and assessment procedures. The programme works with all stakeholders in an effort to respond to local need and current training and practice issues.

There are a number of ways in which stakeholders may be involved in the programme

  • Selection
  • Teaching
  • Marking
  • Supervising Clinical Practice
  • Research
  • Advising

We endeavour to maintain our strong stakeholder liaison to continue to develop further our programme's strengths and undertake new initiatives.

Detailed information on how stakeholders and members of the public can be involved with the programme is provided in the Get Involved section of our online handbook.

Get involved!