Supervisors in Architecture

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Profile picture of Dr Sanem Bayar

Dr Sanem Bayar

My research interests lie at the intersection of architecture, design, built environment and computer science. My work explores the potential and limitations of data-driven approaches to support design in addition to analyse and envisage its outcomes.

Digital technology is changing the way designers can be creative. New integrations of data inside design tools will open up new experiences for architects and designers, expanding what we can see, imagine and design. My current research is trying to challenge notions around data-driven and computational design and investigating the following questions: How computational design can be a creative element of technology-driven workflows in the architectural design process? How can we use VR, AR and AI in real-time as part of Architects’ creative process?

More information can be found on Dr Sanem Bayar's online profile.

Profile picture of Dr Adam Blaney

Dr Adam Blaney

I am a Lecturer in Responsive Architecture at Lancaster School of Architecture and research at Imagination Lancaster. Prior to completing my PhD, I studied Ba and BArch at Manchester School of Architecture. I then worked in industry for several years at various architectural practices in Manchester. My research interests mainly focus on rethinking and developing digital design and fabrication processes, through prototyping, to create responsive, adaptive and self-healing objects, products and architectural structures. Additionally, based on principles and properties from these prototypes, I am also interested in developing speculative visions of materially adaptive architecture and cities.

Further information can be found on Adam Blaney's web profile.

Profile picture of Dr Marianna Cavada

Dr Marianna Cavada

I am a Lecturer in Urban Design Policy and I am the convenor for the Architecture BA module ‘Architectural Humanities’. Additionally, I am a UK Registered Architect (ARB) and I practiced Architecture in the Middle East, China, and the UK. I have been part of teams (and led) architecture and urban developments in the educational and commercial sectors.

My research spans across many levels of architecture, smart cities, urban engineering, urban planning and design, and civil engineering. I particularly explore ways to design urban policy with a deep sense of care for those who live, work, and play in cities and in particular for health and infrastructure systems.

More information can be found on Dr Marianna Cavada's web profile.

Profile picture of Dr Ana Costa

Dr Ana Costa

As an architect, researcher, consultant and academic I am interested in the relationship between people and architecture, and understanding ways of conception, occupation, appropriation and interpretation of the built environment. I am an expert in learning and teaching environments. My current research explores the spaces and tools for learning, and I am interested in the policies and practices that affect the design of spaces, and the tools or products that enable learning to take place.

Research interest/keywords: Learning environments, Spaces and Tools for learning, conception, occupation, appropriation and interpretation of the built environment, ethnography & visual narratives.

Further information can be found on Dr Ana Costa's profile.

Profile picture of Professor Nick Dunn

Professor Nick Dunn

I am Executive Director of Imagination, the design and architecture research lab at Lancaster University where I am also Professor of Urban Design. I am a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Social Futures, examining the insights that the arts, humanities and social sciences can bring to the ways we think, envision, and analyse the futures of people, places and planet. I welcome PhD enquiries relating to Urban Design, Future Cities, Night Studies, Post-industrial Landscapes, More-than-Human Design, Public Spaces.

Further information can be found on Professor Nick Dunn's web profile.

Profile picture of Des Fagan

Des Fagan

I am interested in receiving PhD enquiries about the following topics: Automation and Robotics in Architecture, Algorithms and Architecture, Machine Learning for Architectural Design, Digital Arts and Crafts in Architecture, Parametric Architecture, Prototyping in Architecture, Kinetic Facades, Bioclimatic Architecture, The Climate Crisis and Architecture, Complex Geometries, and Additive Manufacturing in Architecture.

Further information can be found on Des Fagan's web profile.