Professor Christopher Hart

Professor of Linguistics

Current Teaching

  • LING229 Language Origins and Evolution (UG)
  • LING439 Cognitive Linguistics (MA)
  • LING440 Critical Discourse Analysis (MA)

Trust-building strategies in corporate discourse: An experimental study
Fuoli, M., Hart, C.J. 1/09/2018 In: Discourse and Society. 29, 5, p. 514-552. 39 p.
Journal article

Event-frames affect blame assignment and perception of aggression in discourse on political protests: an experimental case study in critical discourse analysis
Hart, C.J. 06/2018 In: Applied Linguistics. 39, 3, p. 400-421. 22 p.
Journal article

'Riots engulfed the city': an experimental study investigating the legitimating effects of fire metaphors in discourses of disorder
Hart, C.J. 1/05/2018 In: Discourse and Society. 29, 3, p. 279-298. 20 p.
Journal article

Cognitive linguistic critical discourse studies: connecting language and image
Hart, C.J. 22/08/2017 In: Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics. London : Routledge
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Cognitive linguistic critical discourse studies
Hart, C.J. 1/08/2017 In: The Routledge handbook of critical discourse analysis. London : Routledge
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Metaphor and intertextuality in media framings of the (1984-85) British Miners' Strike: a multimodal analysis
Hart, C.J. 02/2017 In: Discourse and Communication. 11, 1, p. 3-30. 28 p.
Journal article

The Miners’ Strike and a warmongering media
Hart, C.J. 2017 In: The flame still burns. Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom ISBN: 9781898240099.

The visual basis of linguistic meaning and its implications for critical discourse analysis: integrating cognitive linguistic and multimodal methods
Hart, C. 05/2016 In: Discourse and Society. 27, 3, p. 335-350. 16 p.
Journal article

Introduction for the special issue on space, time and evaluation in ideological discourse
Filardo-Llamas, L., Hart, C., Kaal, B. 3/07/2015 In: Critical Discourse Studies. 12, 3, p. 235-237. 3 p.
Journal article

Hart, C. 05/2015 In: Handbook of cognitive linguistics. De Gruyter Mouton
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Viewpoint in linguistic discourse: space and evaluation in news reports of political protests
Hart, C. 05/2015 In: Critical Discourse Studies. 12, 3, p. 238-260. 23 p.
Journal article

Construal operations in online press reports of political protests
Hart, C. 2014 In: Contemporary critical discourse studies. London : Bloomsbury ISBN: 9781441141637.

Contemporary Critical Discourse Studies
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Discourse, grammar and ideology: functional and cognitive perspectives
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Trust based on bias: cognitive constraints on source-related fallacies
Oswald, S., Hart, C. 2014
Conference contribution/Paper

Argumentation meets adapted cognition: manipulation in media discourse on immigration
Hart, C. 12/2013 In: Journal of Pragmatics. 59 , Part B, p. 200-209. 19 p.
Journal article

Constructing contexts through grammar: Cognitive models and conceptualisation in British Newspaper reports of political protests
Hart, C. 21/11/2013 In: Discourse in Contexts. London : Bloomsbury Academic
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Event-construal in press reports of violence in political protests: a cognitive linguistic approach to CDA
Hart, C. 2013 In: Journal of Language and Politics. 12, 3, p. 400-423. 24 p.
Journal article

Legitimising assertions and the logico-rhetorical module: evidence and epistemic vigilance in media discourse on immigration
Hart, C. 12/2011 In: Discourse Studies. 13, 6, p. 751-769. 19 p.
Journal article

Force-interactive patterns in immigration discourse: a cognitive linguistic approach to CDA
Hart, C. 05/2011 In: Discourse and Society. 22, 3, p. 269-286. 18 p.
Journal article

Critical discourse studies in context and cognition
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Moving beyond metaphor in the cognitive linguistic approach to CDA: construal operations in immigration discourse
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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Critical discourse analysis and metaphor: toward a theoretical framework
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Journal article

Cognitive linguistics in critical discourse analysis: application and theory
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