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Corpus Linguistics (Distance)

Corpus linguistics (Distance)

Lancaster University offers two programmes in Corpus linguistics

Corpus linguistics at Lancaster: Taster session

This webinar introduces a new Master’s Programme (MA) in Corpus linguistics and a new PG Certificate (PGCert) in Corpus linguistics offered by Lancaster University. The webinar starts with a short introduction to corpus linguistics (lecture) and a brief hands-on session demonstrating newest software tools in the field. We also discuss the structure of the programme, entry requirements and the student experience.

Study Corpus Linguistics at Lancaster

Are you a data or market analyst? Are you an educator? Are you a journalist? Do you require an understanding of language? If so then our online courses in Corpus Linguistics are the right course for you. Choose between our MA, PGCert or you can take our individual specialist postgraduate modules for institutional credit

Free Lectures

Cutting-edge online platform for the MA in Corpus linguistics

You can now try lectures, practical exercises, quizzes etc. from the MA in Corpus linguistics programme. Just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Self-enrol. Use the following enrolment key: macorpus

Lecture: Language description in corpus linguistics

This short lecture introduces basic linguistics concepts used in corpus linguistics. It is the second lecture of a lecture series introducing corpus linguistics from a new module on Fundamentals of corpus linguistics offered by Lancaster University as part of an MA programme, PGCert and also individually for credit.

Lecture: Introduction: Statistics meets Corpus Linguistics

This lecture introduces basic concepts of statistics in Corpus Linguistics. It is a part of the new online MA programme in Corpus Linguistics at Lancaster University.

Short Courses in Corpus Linguistics

As an alternative to taking a complete Master's course, you can take our individual specialist postgraduate modules for institutional credit. These are ideal if you need to develop knowledge and skills in a specific area. Each of these courses can be taken separately, run for one term (three months), and are offered online.

Short courses in Corpus Linguistics
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