Flexible Programme

Lancaster prides itself on having a flexible approach to undergraduate study, particularly in your first year, and is one of only a handful of universities within the UK that allow students to study additional minor subjects alongside their major subject.

In Linguistics and English Language we offer two Part I (first year) subjects

Part I English Language (LING102)

Part I Linguistics (LING103)

Of the above two courses, you must take the one that corresponds to your degree course, known as your 'major subject'. You will then choose two additional subjects (during Intro week) to study alongside this to make up the total of three. For example, an English Language student must take Part I English Language and then select two additional Part I subjects. 

For some degree schemes you must take two part I subjects, for example an English Language and Literature student must take Part I English Language and Part I English Literature, and then choose one additional subject.

Many of our major students choose to take their second Part I subject with us, and this is recommended but by no means compulsory. 

The options can vary from one year to the next, depending on how full classes are, but we’ve listed some typical options. Please note that modules LING218:Literacy and Education and LING209:Language and Pedagogic Practice are offered in alternate years. 


Part I

Part II