Readings for Prospective Students

If you do some of the readings suggested here before you come to Lancaster, this will help you get off to a good start in your studies.

We do not expect you to read them all (or even all of each book)! We give alternatives in case you can't get hold of some of the books. Try to read (some of) two or three books, say, before you arrive in Lancaster. The more you can manage to read, the better prepared you will be. Don't worry if you don't understand everything you read. After all, many of the books suggested are designed to be read with a tutor on hand to help you out. And feel free to read selectively in areas that interest you or that you feel you need more knowledge of.

Please note that these are suggested preparatory readings - they are not lists of books to purchase for your first year at Lancaster.

Suggested readings for students who have NOT studied English Language at A-Level

You may have received an offer of a place without having taken English Language A-Level (which is perhaps the best preparation for study with us). This is because we looked at what you had done and felt that you had the necessary potential to do well here. However, if this applies to you, it is essential that you do some preparatory reading between before arriving at Lancaster as many of your fellow students will have done English Language A Level and will be familiar with some of the basic concepts of linguistic study already.

Readings for students who have not studied English Language at A-Level

Suggested readings for students who HAVE studied English Language at A-Level

Most of the students we make offers to have studied English Language in some form at A-Level and will be well-prepared for undergraduate study. However, degree-level work will inevitably pose new challenges, and we therefore provide a list of books that you may want to choose from if you decide to do some preparatory readings before October. Reading just one or two books will certainly make a difference to your ability to do well on the courses you will take when you come to Lancaster.

Readings for students who have studied English Language at A-Level