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Law Clinics

At Lancaster you will have the opportunity to work in the Law Clinic as part of your degree or as an extra-curricular activity. 

Being involved in one of the Clinics will give you the chance to gain experience delivering legal advice to clients, develop your communication skills, practise interviewing, drafting advice, and managing case files.

The Law Clinic provides legal advice and information of a range of issues including family, employment, consumer, and tenancy issues. By working in partnership with North Lancashire Citizens Advice Bureau, we can provide legal advice to people from across Lancaster and Morecambe. A pop-up clinic moves around organisations within the community, including a local food bank, a supported housing project, and a youth organisation.


Domenica Giorgianni LLB (Hons) Law (International)

Lancaster’s Law Clinic has been the highlight of my time at university. Not only I was able to help the people in my community but I also worked under the supervision of qualified lawyers. They helped me to understand the importance of time-management, cohesiveness, and precision. Whether you want to enter the legal profession or not, I would definitely recommend taking this module to gain a real understanding of what the legal environment is like.

A Law Clinic case study

Our client had been in a 20-year relationship but was never married. The client’s relationship with the father of her child had recently broken down and she sought advice from the Law Clinic as to how the couple should divide their assets. The student advisors met with the client and provided her with a letter of advice as to her next steps, explaining the law in this area.

“I am just writing to say thank you for the advice I received from the Law Clinic. The student advisors were professional and the information I received at the end was very clear and understandable. With their advice, I have now resolved by legal issues.” – Law Clinic Client

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Miscarriages of Justice Clinic

Formally known as the Innocence Project, the Miscarriages of Justice Clinic focuses on the study of wrongful criminal convictions, with a view to referral back to the Court of Appeal via the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

You will be involved in investigating real criminal cases with real clients who are currently in prison in England and Wales with supervision by academics and practitioners. The Clinic is supported by barristers and solicitors who specialise in criminal appeal work. You may provide pro bono assistance to prisoners who maintain their innocence and have exhausted their appeal rights. The clinics give you the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of those involved in the criminal justice system whilst studying for your degree.

The Miscarriages of Justice Clinic has close links with the Centre for Criminal Appeals (CCA). The CCA is a charity run by lawyers and investigators dedicated to freeing innocent prisoners and preventing future miscarriages of justice. Each year you will work on a case with the CCA team, providing you with further invaluable experience. The Clinic also collaborates with criminal solicitors who work on criminal appeals and has been invited to assist on cases by appeal teams.

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