Professor Charlie Lewis


Research Interests

  • The role of the father in the family (with Michael Lamb (Cambridge))
  • Life experiences and family relationships
  • Theorizing the development of social understanding (with Jeremy Carpendale (Simon Fraser))
  • Social understanding and culture (with Masuo Koyasu and Ayako Ogawa (Kyoto))
  • Social understanding in children with autism
  • Preschoolers' understanding of irony (with Maki Rooksby)
  • Eye-witness testimony in children with learning disabilities (with Deirdre Brown (Wellington) and Michael Lamb (Cambridge))
  • The influence of advertising on children (with Susan Auty and Laura Owen)
  • Children's early grasp of number (with Kevin Muldoon (Heriot Watt) and Norman Freeman (Bristol))
  • Statistical models of developmental change (with Andrea Towse, Peter Diggle and Brian Francis)