Master's Degrees

Take your studies to the next level with a Taught Master's Degree.

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  • Psychology of Advertising MSc

    Advertising is everywhere. Always transient, sometimes trivial, yet it can be incredibly powerful in changing our perceptions, our beliefs and our behaviour. The ambition of this unique course is to give you a thorough grounding in the psychology underpinning persuasion and how it is applied.

  • Developmental Disorders MSc

    We will promote your knowledge of developmental psychology with a focus on atypical development across the lifespan. The degree builds on the Department’s research strengths, with core material from course team members who specialise in Autism Spectrum Disorder, cognitive development and language and literacy development.

  • Developmental Psychology MSc

    Lancaster is one of the largest centres for developmental psychology research in the world. This programme will provide you with knowledge of advanced methods, analytical techniques, theories and significant findings across a range of areas.

  • Psychological Research Methods MSc

    This recognised research training course will give you an in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, a wide range of methods and techniques used in psychological research.

  • Psychology and Behavioural Analytics MSc

    This interdisciplinary course combines elements of data science and psychology, offering a new perspective on the collection and analysis of digital data.

Scholarships and Funding

  • Alumni loyalty scholarship

    If you have graduated with a Bachelor or Master's degree from Lancaster, we offer a 10% reduction in tuition fees to all taught Master's degrees.

  • Lancaster Global Scholarship

    Lancaster University will offer a scholarship of £5000 to high-achieving students who are liable for International tuition fees.

  • Lancaster Master's Scholarship

    Lancaster University will offer a £4000 scholarship to high-achieving Master's students who are liable for Home tuition fees.

  • Postgraduate loan scheme

    The UK Government offers postgraduate loans of up to £11,836 to Master's level students. A Postgraduate Master's Loan can help with course fees and living costs while you study a postgraduate master's course.