We are committed to ensuring inclusion and providing personal support for our students to flourish. We support our students in both in their studies and their social life.

Undergraduate Students

Inclusive Teaching and Cultures

We are a small department, which allows us to develop personal relationships with our students. We take the time to consider the individual needs of our students and support them in addressing any barriers they experience.

We use the latest teaching methods and always work towards being inclusive to all our students, e.g. by using the online learning space, Moodle. We use a combination of teaching and assessment approaches so that we can provide the very best education for all of our students. We individually support students with learning difficulties and disabilities through our departmental Disability Officer and the University's Psychology Employability Programme. We are strong supporters of the LGBTQ+ Association, who organise various events and campaigns.

Peer mentor scheme, PSYCHSoc, and student reps

The department provides a peer mentoring scheme to support its new students. In their first week at Lancaster, all first-year undergraduates are assigned a second- or third-year Psychology student as a peer mentor. The peer mentors provide an extra level of support and can offer valuable advice on a range of topics, based on their own experiences of studying Psychology at Lancaster. We also have a thriving Psychology Society that is open to all psychology students. The society works with the department to arrange scientific talks and social events. We also have an active body of student representatives who work with the staff to support equality and inclusion in assessment and teaching practices. They also help staff to identify the best ways to support our students.

Preparing for a career in research, 'classic' psychology or elsewhere

All our students can pursue a career in research or classic psychology fields (such as clinical or forensic psychology), be it through a PhD or in industry. Many of our students also choose careers that may not seem psychology careers, but where their transferable skills are valuable. Your prospective career is something you do can consider throughout your degree. You can meet with staff members to discover what opportunities are available to you. You will learn what skills you will need and how to go about applying. Our Psychology Employability Programme enables students to work on obtaining the relevant skills and experience through placements in the university or other organisations and companies.

Postgraduate Students

Our goal is to recruit and nurture talented research students from a broad range of backgrounds and create an inclusive and stimulating research environment.

As a successful research-intensive department, we strive to recruit the best possible postgraduate students in a professional, transparent and unbiased process. In our teaching methods, we focus on personal supervision and supporting postgraduate students' independent research skills. Our postgraduate students are part of our labs and work closely together. We also encourage formal and informal postgraduate mentoring, to support postgraduates both professionally and socially.