Dr Heather Shaw

Lecturer in Psychology

Research Overview

I am an interdisciplinary researcher spanning psychological, behavioural and computer sciences. My research broadly fits into two streams:

Firstly, I am interested in what makes people unique and what impacts peoples behaviours. This includes:

  1. Assessing peoples behavioural signatures (e.g. their digital footprint patterns)
  2. How context impacts peoples behaviours (e.g. social setting, mood)
  3. How the study of individuals can inform personalised services and support
  4. How the study of individuals can inform adaptive systems (e.g context aware apps, behavioural biometrics)
  5. What leads to a change in behavioural signatures (e.g. interventions, natural drift, life events etc) and how to detect this change.

Secondly, I am also interested in how to improve the methods and research processes used in interdisciplinary research. This is typically in response to new technologies. This includes:

  1. How digital footprint data can be used in Psychological research
  2. The ethics of using new digital methods in human subject research
  3. The evaluation of psychometrics in self-reports measures and new technologies.
  4. How to use mobile sensors in psychological research.
  5. Changing research culture