Dr Ruonan Sun

Lecturer in Information Systems


Ruonan Sun completed his undergraduate degree in the IT program at the University of Canberra in 2012. He continued his education at the Australian National University (ANU), where he earned a postgraduate degree in management information systems. Following this, he pursued a five-year Ph.D. program from 2015 to 2020, during which he held the position of associate lecturer. In November 2020, he joined the faculty at Lancaster University Management School.

Ruonan has a strong background in teaching management information systems and has taught in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at esteemed institutions such as ANU and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Canberra.

His current research interests include projects related to platform services, information diffusion on digital channels, and the application of information technology in development economics. Ruonan is enthusiastic about working with prospective Ph.D. students who share an interest in these research areas. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in exploring these topics further.

Selected Publications

Reconceptualizing platforms in information systems research through the lens of service-dominant logic
Sun, R., Gregor, S. 1/09/2023 In: Journal of Strategic Information Systems. 32, 3
Journal article

The role of system‐use practices for sustaining motivation in crowdsourcing: A technology‐in‐practice perspective
Alam, S.L., Sun, R. 31/07/2023 In: Information Systems Journal. 33, 4, p. 758-789. 32 p.
Journal article

Impact of content ideology on social media opinion polarization: The moderating role of functional affordances and symbolic expressions
Sun, R., Zhu, H., Guo, F. 31/01/2023 In: Decision Support Systems. 164, 13 p.
Journal article

Knowledge Commoning: Scaffolding and Technoficing to Overcome Challenges of Knowledge Curation
Qureshi, I., Bhatt, B., Parthiban, R., Sun, R., Shukla, D., Hota, P., Xu, Z. 30/06/2022 In: Information and Organization. 32, 2, 22 p.
Journal article

Generativity and the Paradox of Stability and Flexibility in a Platform Architecture: A Case of the Oracle Cloud Platform
Sun, R., Gregor, S., Fielt, E. 31/12/2021 In: Information and Management. 58, 8, 21 p.
Journal article

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