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The Lancaster School of Architecture

In 2019 Lancaster University launched a new School of Architecture with a clear ethos and vision.

“The issues currently faced by modern architects - rapid urbanisation, changing family structures, new materials, the challenge of creating more sustainable communities - can only be tackled by highly creative and innovative, but also socially embedded solutions. Our new School of Architecture will be open to rethinking things from scratch.”

Ruth Dalton
Professor of Spatial Design and Cognition
Head of School of Architecture

Our values

Lancaster new School of Architecture is committed to:

Climate Emergency

Investigating the global climate emergency, and testing alternate means of working and living using the apparatus of sustainable and lean construction.

Built Environment

Facing the challenges posed by contemporary global problems such as work force automation, data security and the ageing population.

Future Practice

Discovering how emerging digital technologies are radically changing the ways in which we design, make and work in the future.

Home and Living

Through examining historical and contemporary housing, we are considering the role of future homes in relation to issues of greater density, intergenerational living, and mobility.

Community and Public Sector

Examining the social responsibility of the architect in the context of community live-project briefs.

City and Urban

Bringing together physical, digital and social aspects of living in city and urban environments in order to address complex challenges related to health and wellbeing, sustainable behaviours, safety and security.

Population and Policy

We question how national and local authority (district, county and unitary authorities) regulations should address the challenge of building in the context of over-population.

Beyond Imagination

In August 2019 Lancaster University announced a bold new development called Beyond Imagination. This is a radical £13 million research project that will explore and demonstrate how cutting-edge design and architecture research can create a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world.

Initiatives will include the UK’s first ‘Dark Design Lab’ examining nocturnal urban activity on health and wellbeing.

New £13 million project goes Beyond Imagination in tackling world issues
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Architecture courses

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