Latest News

  • Tool to help solar park development

    A ‘go-to’ guide is being developed to help the UK’s solar park community evaluate the ecosystem services provided by current and planned parks

  • Meltwater ponds found in Antarctica

    Scientists have monitored, for the first time, the evolution of meltwater ponds on the surface of a glacier in East Antarctica

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

    A Lancaster undergraduate’s dissertation on how rainfall patterns are changing, challenges conventional wisdom and lands him a coveted prize.

  • Our students love us

    Students rank Lancaster University one of the best places in the UK to study Geography and Environmental Science

  • China environment institute launch

    Lancaster University joins with Chinese partners to create a new environment institute on the largest university campus in southern China

  • Bridging the gap

    Bridging the gap between business and academia in West Africa, with help from Lancaster University

  • Linking thinkers and doers

    Leading environmental economist, with a passion for bottom-up development, becomes a Professor in Practice at Lancaster University

  • Slaty-capped Shrike

    Fighting deforestation alone fails tropical biodiversity

    International efforts to conserve tropical forest species will fail unless they control logging, wildfires and fragmentation in the remaining forests, according to ground-breaking new research published in the world’s leading scientific journal Nature.

  • Making nature more efficient

    One of the world’s “most influential scientific minds”, who works to radically improve the productivity of crops, joins Lancaster University as Professor of Crop Sciences.

  • Bright spots shine light on the future of coral reefs

    Researchers have discovered a handful of ‘bright spots’ among the world’s embattled coral reefs, offering the promise of a radical new approach to conservation.