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  • Now you can calculate your nitrogen footprint

    We all know that a high carbon footprint damages the environment, but so does your nitrogen footprint, through increasing pollution and reducing biodiversity.

  • Taught Masters Open Day 6 July

    Visit the Lancaster Environment Centre, talk to academics and students, see our facilities and find out whether we have the Masters programme for you.

  • Ancient water could sustain life

    Dr Greg Holland explains why the discovery of billion-year-old water deep underground could hold clues to life on Earth, and on Mars.

  • Pollution test flights launched

    Scientists from Lancaster University are taking part in low level flights over London to measure the emission rates of a range of air pollutants from the city.

  • The Incredible Interdisciplinarians

    The joys and challenges of working across academic disciplines led four PhD students and an early career researcher to start an interdisciplinary support group.