Latest News

  • Nigel Paul presenting on ozone depletion to research at the 25th meeting of Parties to the Montreal Protocol in Bangcock

    LEC academic presents to UN panel

    Professor Nigel Paul provides an assessment of the effects of ozone depletion to World governments and, a few days later, discusses the issue with his Lancaster students.

  • A tropical forest tree looking up into canopy

    New study on tropical forest biology

    A major new study will explore the impact of the changes that humans are making to the ecosystems of tropical forests. 

  • Nils Markusson, Rebecca Whittle & Giovanni Bettini

    Sustainability team strengthened

    Three new lecturers in sustainability have joined Lancaster Environment Centre with expertise covering carbon capture and geo-engineering, climate refugees and local food.

  • Rebecca Whittle

    Award to celebrate inspiring local energy savers

    Energy savers in North Lancashire are invited to apply for a new award which will recognise thrifty efforts to drive down bills and protect the planet.

  • Modelled increases in surface ozone 1850-2100

    LEC contributes to UN climate report

    Two Lancaster Environment Centre scientists’ work on modeling atmospheric ozone is included in the new report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

  • Trees and air quality

    LEC researchers are advising government on how the emissions of volatile organic compounds from the terrestrial biosphere should be treated in models of air quality in the UK.

  • Flood expert made Honorary Professor

    A flood risk scientist, whose groundbreaking innovations modeling flooding stem from his research while a student at Lancaster, returns in honorary role.

  • Prizewinning sand dunes research

    “I studied the beach I had been visiting since I was a child, but I’d never viewed it from a geographical point of view before,” says dissertation prize winner

  • Environment Agency alliance

    A senior officer from the UK’s environmental regulator, has been appointed an Honorary Industrial Fellow, bringing new opportunities for research, student placements and knowledge sharing. 

  • Power line study aims to improve bird safety

    A research project which aims to safeguard tens of thousands of swans and geese started this week with the installation of more than 150 special ‘bird diverters’ in Lancashire.