Latest News

  • Too many leaves

    Increased foliage in soybean plants due to rising C02 levels takes an “unexpected” toll on crop productivity, new research finds

  • Photosynthesis breakthrough

    Researchers have increased plant productivity by boosting levels of three proteins involved in photosynthesis, offering hope for improving food crops

  • Award of £2m for Waitrose research partnership

    Waitrose is to lead a £2m collaborative training partnership with Lancaster University to address global food security.

  • Flood risk innovation prize

    Lancaster University partners with environmental consultancy JBA to win UK Government competition for innovation in reducing flood risk

  • Soil security fellow

    Mountaineering researcher wins a prestigious fellowship to study how a changing climate could affect the role of mountains as global carbon sinks

  • Extreme storms warning

    Storms worse than Storm Desmond could happen in the next decade, the floods boss of the Environment Agency told an audience at Lancaster University

  • A systems approach to farming

    Agronomist models farming systems to explore how they can help fulfil the world’s competing environmental, food security and social goals

  • Big data and biodiversity prize

    A young Lancaster University researcher has won a prestigious international award for using big data methods to predict plant and animal species distributions

  • New LEC director

    New Director aims to cement the Lancaster Environment Centre’s reputation as the UK’s leading school of the environment

  • Political Ecology

    New Lancaster research group focusses on how people interact with the environment at a social, political and economic level