Latest News

  • Graduation success

    A record 85% of Lancaster Environment Centre undergraduates achieved a higher grade degree this year.

  • Scaling the heights

    A school drop out, whose desire to study was rekindled by climbing Latin American volcanoes, is now a top performing student with a bright future in research

  • Feeling the earth move

    Doing a Lancaster degree offered a prizewinning student the opportunity to study earthquakes and to experience them first hand

  • Research in a Box

    Computer games, DNA research, and other hands-on activities are being used to encourage school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to university

  • Double celebration for twin sisters

    University life has been a shared experience for twin sisters Charis and Flora Hackett.

  • Envision: Grow to Greatness

    The Envision consortium of top UK environmental research & training institutions hosted business leaders and scientists to explore opportunities for “green growth” collaboration 

  • Cocktail of chemicals may trigger cancer

    Chemicals cocktail cancer fear

    Global task force calls for research into how everyday chemicals in our environment may cause cancer.

  • Earth sciences accolade

    A volcanologist, who spent some of his formative years at Lancaster University, has won the 2015 Vetlesen Prize, considered the ‘Nobel Prize’ for earth sciences

  • ‘Super labs’ open

    Official opening of new teaching labs, providing high spec facilities and a focal point for students

  • Businesses set to benefit from working with leading environmental research centre

    Businesses looking to develop environmental products and services could tap into research and development funding by working collaboratively with Lancaster University.