Research in the Department of Organisation, Work & Technology

We have a long established international standing for our work in organisation studies and specifically for our scholarly and critically informed analysis of diverse managerial practices and processes in a variety of contemporary and historical empirical settings.

To generalise, staff have research interests in one or more of the following major research areas:

HRM, knowledge work and globalisation

Organisations increasingly operate within a global environment; thus placing issues surrounding globalisation at the forefront of contemporary debates within organisation studies. Our research in relation to the management of human resources in a global setting considers fundamental questions: about the nature and dynamics of work and employment relations within and between multinational organisations; about culture and cultural diversity rendered as objects of management; and about the continuing transformation of (knowledge) work and the compression of space/time in the service economy.

Management in the public sector

The study of the management of the public sector touches on so many areas of organisation studies. Here we are interested in the debates about bureaucracy/post-bureaucracy and organisational boundaries to issues of power and resistance and the management of the professions. Currently we have interests in public sector transformation, electronic government as well as in the management of health care services.

Technology and organisation

The focus of research in this group is the manner in which technology is constructed and implicated as an integral part of the ongoing process of organising. Work examines the ongoing development of the organisation-technology nexus as well as considering the question of its significance and its social and ethical implications. Here work has considered institutional change, public sector transformation, collaborative work and environmental protection in developed and in developing countries. This strand of the department’s research is located in the multidisciplinary Centre for the Study of Technology and Organisation (CSTO) and intersects many of the other research clusters.

Ethics and corporate governance

This research stream cuts across a number of different domains. Most notable is the work conducted in the department on surveillance and the ethical dimensions of information technology. This includes the development of more ethical surveillance systems, ethical issues and plagiarism detection systems, governance of genetic technology, governance and accountability, and the use of information technology to combat disability. A further stream of work relates to ethics and the environment.

Management and society

This area of research is concerned with broader societal concerns raised by contemporary organisational and managerial practices. A major stream of work relates to the role of international  development institutions in the spatial and temporal spread of managerialism. Another theme pertains to the shaping and researching of international development, and also the role of NGOs in international development. A further domain of study relates to relationship between information and communication technologies and international development.