Dr Antonios Gouglidis


Assessing the Impact of Malware Attacks in Utility Networks
König, S., Gouglidis, A., Green, B., Solar, A. 16/05/2018
Other chapter contribution

G-DPS: A Game-theoretical Decision-making Framework for Physical Surveillance Games
Alshawish, A., Amine Abid, M., de Meer, H., Schauer, S., König, S., Gouglidis, A., Hutchison, D. 16/05/2018
Other chapter contribution

Protecting Water Utility Networks from Advanced Persistent Threats: A Case Study
Gouglidis, A., König, S., Green, B., Rossegger, K., Hutchison, D. 16/05/2018
Other chapter contribution

Random Damage in Interconnected Networks
König, S., Gouglidis, A. 16/05/2018
Other chapter contribution

On the Disaster Resiliency within the Context of 5G Networks: The RECODIS Experience
Esposito, C., Gouglidis, A., Hutchison, D., Gurtov, A., Helvik, B., Heegaard, P., Rizzo, G., Rak, J. 16/04/2018 In: European Conference on Networks and Communications 2018. IEEE 4 p.
Conference contribution

Formal Verification of Usage Control Models: A Case Study of UseCON Using TLA+
Gouglidis, A., Grompanopoulos, C., Mavridou, A. 15/04/2018
Conference paper

Verification of Policies in Human Cyber-Physical Systems: the Role and Importance of Resilience
Gouglidis, A., Hutchison, D. 10/04/2018
Conference paper

All that glitters is not gold: on the effectiveness of cyber security qualifications
Knowles, W., Such, J.M., Gouglidis, A., Misra, G., Rashid, A. 18/12/2017 In: Computer. 50, 12, p. 60-71. 12 p.
Journal article

The Extended Cloud: Review and Analysis of Mobile Edge Computing and Fog from a Security and Resilience Perspective
Shirazi, S.N.U.H., Gouglidis, A., Farshad, A., Hutchison, D. 11/2017 In: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. 35, 11, p. 2586-2595. 10 p.
Journal article

Verification of Resilience Policies that Assist Attribute Based Access Control
Gouglidis, A., Hu, V.C., Busby, J.S., Hutchison, D. 24/03/2017 In: ABAC '17 Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Workshop on Attribute-Based Access Control. New York : ACM p. 43-52. 10 p. ISBN: 9781450349109.
Conference contribution

Protection against Cyber Attacks: Introducing Resilience for SCADA Networks
Gouglidis, A., Hutchison, D. 03/2017
Other contribution

Modelling security risk in critical utilities: the system at risk as a three player game and agent society
Busby, J.S., Gouglidis, A., Rass, S., König, S. 9/10/2016 In: Proceedings of SMC 2016. IEEE 6 p.
Conference contribution

Technology-related disasters: a survey towards disaster-resilient software defined networks
Machuca, C.M., Secci, S., Vizaretta, P., Kuipers, F., Gouglidis, A., Hutchison, D., Jouet, S., Pezaros, D., Elmokashfi, A., Heegaard, P., Ristov, S., Gusev, M. 13/09/2016 In: Resilient Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM), 2016 8th International Workshop on . IEEE p. 35-42. 8 p. ISBN: 9781467390248. Electronic ISBN: 9781467390231 .
Conference contribution

Threat awareness for critical infrastructures resilience
Gouglidis, A., Green, B., Busby, J.S., Rouncefield, M.F., Hutchison, D., Schauer, S. 13/09/2016 In: Resilient Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM), 2016 8th International Workshop on. 9781467390248 : IEEE Electronic ISBN: 9781467390231.
Conference contribution

A Multi-commodity network flow model for cloud service environments
Stephanakis, I.M., Shirazi, S.N.U.H., Gouglidis, A., Hutchison, D. 19/08/2016 In: Engineering Applications of Neural Networks. Cham : Springer p. 186-197. 12 p. ISBN: 9783319441870. Electronic ISBN: 9783319441887.
Conference contribution

Evaluation of Anomaly Detection Techniques for SCADA Communication Resilience
Shirazi, S.N.U.H., Gouglidis, A., Syeda, K.N., Simpson, S., Mauthe, A.U., Stephanakis, I.M., Hutchison, D. 16/08/2016 In: Resilience Week (RWS), 2016. IEEE p. 140-145. 6 p. ISBN: 9781509020034. Electronic ISBN: 9781509020027.
Conference contribution

Information assurance techniques: perceived cost effectiveness
Such, J.M., Gouglidis, A., Knowles, W., Misra, G., Rashid, A. 07/2016 In: Computers and Security. 60, p. 117-133. 17 p.
Journal article

Anomaly detection in the cloud using data density
Shirazi, S.N.U.H., Simpson, S., Gouglidis, A., Mauthe, A.U., Hutchison, D. 27/06/2016 In: Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2016 IEEE 9th International Conference on. IEEE p. 616-623. 8 p. ISBN: 9781509026203. Electronic ISBN: 9781509026197.
Conference contribution

A Multi-Level Approach to Resilience of Critical Infrastructures and Services
Gouglidis, A., Shirazi, S.N.U.H., Simpson, S., Smith, P., Hutchison, D. 2016
Conference paper

Assurance Techniques for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Knowles, W., Such Aparicio, J.M., Gouglidis, A., Misra, G., Rashid, A. 10/2015 In: CPS-SPC '15 Proceedings of the First ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems-Security and/or PrivaCy. New York : ACM p. 101-112. 12 p.

The economics of assurance activities
Such, J.M., Gouglidis, A., Knowles, W., Misra, G., Rashid, A. 2015 Lancaster University. 47 p.
Other report

Security policy verification for multi-domains in cloud systems
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I., Hu, V.C. 1/04/2014 In: International Journal of Information Security. 13, 2, p. 97-111. 15 p.
Journal article

A use-based approach for enhancing UCON
Grompanopoulos, C., Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 1/12/2013 In: Security and Trust Management. Berlin : Springer Verlag p. 81-96. 16 p.

Verification of secure inter-operation properties in multi-domain RBAC systems
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I., Hu, V.C. 06/2013 In: Software Security and Reliability-Companion (SERE-C), 2013 IEEE 7th International Conference on . IEEE p. 35-44. 10 p.

A methodology for the development and verification of access control systems in cloud computing
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 2013
Other chapter contribution

DomRBAC: an access control model for modern collaborative systems
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 06/2012 In: Computers and Security. 31, 4, p. 540-556. 17 p.
Journal article

Grid access control models and architectures
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 1/12/2011 In: Computational and data grids. IGI Global p. 217-234. 18 p. ISBN: 9781613501139.

Role-based secure inter-operation and resource usage management in mobile grid systems
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 2011 In: Information Security Theory and Practice. Berlin : Springer Verlag p. 38-53. 16 p.

On the definition of access control requirements for grid and cloud computing systems
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 1/12/2010 In: Networks for Grid Applications. Berlin : Springer Verlag p. 19-26. 8 p.

A foundation for defining security requirements in grid computing
Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I. 4/12/2009 In: PCI 2009 - 13th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics. IEEE p. 180-184. 5 p.

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