We focus on new methods, algorithms and applications of transforming data in real-time and autonomously to meet real-world needs. We often work with large scale, non-stationary, streaming, heterogeneous and unstructured blocks of data. The areas of our expertise include machine learning and data mining, intelligent video analytics, natural language processing, autonomous learning and dynamically evolving self-learning systems.

We currently have around 20 members including five academics; research associates (RAs), PhD students, etc. Few new lecturer positions were approved and will be advertised soon. The group members are international leaders in research of Autonomous Machine Learning, Dynamically Self-evolving neural networks and fuzzy rule-based models for data streams, Autonomous Clustering, Autonomous Fault Detection and Identification, Autonomous Classifiers, Autonomous Controllers, Corpus Linguistics and semantic-based Natural Language Processing (NLP).

A member of the group (Dr Paul Rayson) is the current Director of UCREL and co-recipient of the Queens Anniversary Prize 2015. The group Leader is the only IEEE Fellow at Lancaster University and holds a number of awards and international honorary degrees. The group members are also internationally recognised and active in the areas of multi-agent systems and mining geo- and social- data.

The applications of the research of the group members range from online child protection, cybersecurity, learner dictionaries, and text mining of historical corpora and annual financial reports to intelligent video analytics, unmanned (aerial and ground-based) systems, defence, security, intelligent transport, biomarker identification, self-calibrating sensors for oil refineries, chemical industry (polymerisation processes) to name a few.

Group members are strongly involved in delivering up to date teaching on Data Mining, AI and other Data Science related courses including our flagship MSc in Data Science programme and closely collaborate (were founding members of) the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University, but also of other related Centres such as the EPSRC-GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence, Lancaster Digital Health Forum, Lancaster Digital Humanities and more.

The group has a wide and strong portfolio of research projects funded by various UKRC, The Royal Society, EC, industry, government. It has an ethos that supports and encourages creativity and holds regular group seminar series with a range of high profile speakers.

Research Areas

  • Autonomous Learning
  • Making Sense from Data / Deep Learning
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Data Mining in Mobile Computing