Communication Systems

Lancaster's Communication Systems Research Group focuses on the design, analysis and optimisation of future communication systems. Recent emphasis concentrates on 5G Mobile Wireless Communication Systems, Green Communications, Cognitive Radio Networks, Heterogeneous Networks, Small Cells, Massive MIMO, Advanced Network Coding, Cross-layer Design and Millimetre Wave Communications.

Members and Interests

Prof. Qiang Ni (Group Leader)

Green Communications: Researching fundamental principles and design towards cognitive, spectrum and energy efficient future green communications network systems. 

Efficient Radio Resource Management: Developing efficient radio resource management techniques for future 5G communication system including Heterogeneous Networks, Cognitive Radios, Small Cells and Millimetre Wave systems.


Prof. Garik Markarian

Communication Systems for Aviation Security: Investigating advanced communication system for aviation security applications. 

Multimedia Communication and Wireless E-Health: Developing efficient video distribution and multimedia communication for wireless e-HEALTH.

Dr. Zhiguo Ding

Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Communications: Researching fundamental and advanced digital signal processing techniques for future communications system, including massive MIMO, game theory and network coding. 

Energy harvesting and physical layer security: Investigating novel techniques on energy harvesting and physical layer security.

Dr. Keivan Navaie

Cognitive Radios and Spectrum Management: Researching enabling techniques on cognitive radio network design, spectrum sensing and efficient spectrum management. 

Cooperative Communications: Investigating diversity multiplexing trade off in cooperative communication scenarios, virtual MIMO systems and cooperative cognitive system.

Dr. Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou

Dr. Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou

Error-Correcting Codes: Researching mathematical modeling, error probability analysis and design of forward error-correcting codes, iterative detection and decoding techniques. 

MIMO Cooperative Communications: Investigating fundamental information theory on MIMO and cooperative communications systems.

Dr. Leila Musavian

Joint Energy and Spectrum Efficient Communication: Researching fundamental trade off and joint optimization of energy and spectrum efficiency for delay constrained multimedia communication systems. 

Radio Resource Management: Investigating advanced radio resource management for next generation wireless communications systems.

Dr. Phillip Benachour

Mobile Techniques for E-learning: Investigating mobile techniques for context aware E-learning environments.



Dr. Hassan Ahmed

Signal Processing Techniques: Researching signal processing techniques for communication system design, image processing and object tracking.