Lancaster University has a long history of providing world-class research and training on issues relating to the safety and security of UK society. Currently our activities deliver ground-breaking research and postgraduate training through programmes as diverse as an MA in conflict, development and security and an MSc in cyber security. We work with Doctoral Training Centres actively researching security related areas and have recently been awarded Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research by GCHQ and the EPSRC.

The success of this activity has led the University to establish a centre of excellence called Security Lancaster. This Centre integrates behavioural, management, social and technological research to address contemporary issues relating to the security of individuals, organisations and society. The Centre positions itself as a hub of excellence that delivers useful research and disseminates knowledge through taught postgraduate programmes, professional development programmes and other business engagement initiatives. 

Members and Interests

Prof. Awais Rashid (Group Leader)

My research spans software engineering and cyber security. I focus on novel software modularity techniques that underpin software that is adaptable, evolvable and resilient in the face of changes and the volatile nature of user requirements and behaviours in the modern digital world. This naturally ties in with my cyber security research which focuses on developing tools and techniques that are adaptable to the constantly changing threat patterns utilised by criminals online. I am also researching techniques for determining risks arising from hitherto unseen cyber attacks and the role of identity in cyber security as well as the relationship between online and offline identities. I lead the European Network of Excellence in Aspect-Oriented Software Development as well as the EPSRC-GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research at Lancaster University.

Dr. Shishir Nagaraja

P2P botnet detection, Malware Traffic Analysis, Acoustic Analysis.

Dr. Jose Such

My main research interests are at the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security, and in particular, intelligent/automated approaches to Cyber Security, with a strong focus on Multi-agent Systems, Privacy, Identity Management, Access Control Models, Trust, and Reputation. I am also interested in Machine Learning and Human Factors in Cyber Security.