We have a diverse range of interests, including developing cutting-edge computer networking technologies, understanding new deployment contexts and ensuring that both of these are done in a safe and secure way. Our work is underpinned by rigorous scientific methodology and evaluation.

Computer networking is a core part of the internet of today. It fundamentally underpins the consumption of many services that we take for granted, including social media, video-on-demand and gaming.

The explosion in popularity of these services has led a simultaneous growth in the requirements of the networks that they rely upon. The need to grow in capacity, become more efficient and deliver a better quality of service is greater than ever - computer networking is key to addressing this demand.

Networks are diverse in nature, and the list of technologies keeps growing. The research group has an interest in a number of these, including packet-based, wireless, optical, mobile and sensor network technologies.

Together, these technologies form part of the future internet, and the group's primary aim is to discover how this is built. This includes an all-encompassing architecture and design, and the challenges that are faced in this.

The group’s work also focuses on the need for new flexible and virtualised technologies to support this expansion. This includes understanding how potentially diverse networks and services interact together, and how they can be better combined and managed for the benefit of operators and users alike.