Dr Christopher Edwards

Senior Lecturer


Dr Chris Edwards holds a BSc in Computer Studies (First Class Hons, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, 1995) and a PhD in Computer Science (Lancaster University, UK, 2000). He became a lecturer at Lancaster in 2000, and a senior lecturer in 2009. Over the last ten years he has been involved in leading Lancaster’s input into various EPSRC and EU funded initiatives. As well as being a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Communications, where he teaches in the areas of Advanced Networking, Cyber Security and Operating Systems, he is also the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Adaptive bitrate selection: a survey
Sani, Y., Mauthe, A.U., Edwards, C.J. 11/2017 In: Communications Surveys and Tutorials, IEEE Communications Society. 19, 4, p. 2985-3014. 30 p.
Journal article

Experimental evaluation of the impact of mobility management protocols on HTTP adaptive streaming
Sani, Y., Isah, M., Edwards, C.J., Mauthe, A.U. 1/08/2017 In: IET Networks.
Journal article

On the trajectory of video quality transition in HTTP adaptive video streaming
Sani, Y., Mauthe, A.U., Edwards, C.J. 17/06/2017 In: Multimedia Systems. 14 p.
Journal article

Towards zero packet loss with LISP Mobile Node
Isah, M., Simpson, S., Sani, Y., Edwards, C.J. 13/03/2017 In: 2017 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC): Wireless Networks. IEEE p. 265-271. 7 p. ISBN: 9781509045891. Electronic ISBN: 9781509045884.
Conference contribution

A Distributed Caching Approach for Improved Data Availability in Rural Wireless Mesh Networks
Ajayi, A.O., Edwards, C.J., Roedig, U. 16/12/2016 In: Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI), 2016 International Conference on. 16772962 : IEEE p. 904 - 910. 7 p. ISBN: 9781509055111. Electronic ISBN: 9781509055104.
Conference contribution

Efficient access of mobile flows to heterogeneous networks under flash crowds
Moura, J., Edwards, C.J. 9/10/2016 In: Computer Networks. 107, 2, p. 163-177. 15 p.
Journal article

A bio-inspired HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming Player
Sani, Y., Mauthe, A.U., Edwards, C.J., Mu, M. 11/07/2016 In: Multimedia & Expo Workshops (ICMEW), 2016 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE 4 p. ISBN: 9781509015535. Electronic ISBN: 9781509015528.
Conference contribution

Digital channels diminish SME barriers: the case of the UK
Stankovska, I., Josimovski, S., Edwards, C.J. 5/05/2016 In: Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja. 29, 1, p. 217-232. 16 p.
Journal article

It bends but would it break?: topological analysis of BGP infrastructures in Europe
Frey, S.A.F., El Khatib, Y., Rashid, A., Szmagalska-Follis, K., Vidler, J.E., Race, N.J.P., Edwards, C.J. 21/03/2016 In: 2016 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P). IEEE p. 423-438. 16 p. ISBN: 9781509017515.
Conference contribution

Modelling video rate evolution in adaptive bitrate selection
Sani, Y., Mauthe, A.U., Edwards, C.J. 14/12/2015 In: Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, ISM 2015. IEEE p. 89-94. 6 p.

Performance of a tiered architecture to support end-host mobility in a locator identity split environment
Mungur, A., Edwards, C.J. 26/10/2015 In: Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2015 IEEE 40th Conference on . Florida : IEEE p. 446-449. 4 p.

Towards a context aware multipath-TCP
Withnell, R., Edwards, C.J. 26/10/2015 In: Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2015 IEEE 40th Conference on. IEEE p. 225-228. 4 p.

Efficient mobility and multihoming support for mountain rescue
Alsukayti, I., Edwards, C. 5/10/2015 In: 2015 8th IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC). IEEE p. 128-135. 8 p.

Inter-domain mobility with LISP-MN: a performance comparison with MIPv6
Isah, M., Edwards, C.J. 10/2015 In: IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC), 2015 8th. IEEE p. 80-87. 8 p.

Towards an architecture to support complex multihomed mobility scenarios
Alsukayti, I., Edwards, C. 7/09/2015 In: MobiArch '15 Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture . New York : ACM p. 51-56. 6 p.

Multihomed mobile network architecture
Alsukayti, I., Edwards, C. 05/2015 In: IFIP Networking Conference (IFIP Networking) 2015. IFIP p. 195-203. 9 p.

A survey of rural Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) deployments
Ajayi, A.O., Roedig, U., Edwards, C., Race, N. 28/08/2014 In: Wireless and Mobile, 2014 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on. IEEE p. 119-125. 7 p. ISBN: 9781479937103.
Conference contribution

Investigating the structural condition of trees using LiDAR metrics
Murray, J., Blackburn, A., Whyatt, D., Edwards, C. 18/04/2014
Conference paper

Multipath dissemination for collaborative mobile internet access
Withnell, R., Edwards, C. 2014
Conference paper

An ILNP-based solution for future heterogeneous wireless networks
Isah, M., Edwards, C.J. 06/2013 In: PGNET 2013. Liverpool, United Kingdom : Liverpool John Moores University, School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences 6 p.

A retrospective analysis of QoS deployment, operation and use in enterprise and provider networks
Mackay, M., Edwards, C. 2013 In: 2013 IEEE 27th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops (WAINA). New York : IEEE p. 583-588. 6 p.

Multipath-TCP towards an improved architecture for search and rescue mobility
Withnell, R., Edwards, C. 2013
Conference paper

Evaluation of the socio-economic implications of contractual mobility in roaming architectures
Corliano, G., Edwards, C., Race, N. 2012 In: 2012 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). New York : IEEE p. 2840-2845. 6 p.

Providing secure and accountable privacy to roaming 802.11 mobile devices
Georgopoulos, P., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 2012 In: MPM '12: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Measurement, Privacy, and Mobility. New York, NY, USA : ACM p. 1-6. 6 p.

Towards a multihomed GSM gateway
Withnell, R., Edwards, C. 2012
Conference paper

Performance analysis of VoIP over BGP-MPLS VPN technology
Alsukayti, I., Dennis , T., Edwards, C. 27/06/2011 In: The 12th Annual Post Graduate Symposium on the Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking and Broadcasting (PGNet2011). PGNet 6 p.

A collaborative AAA architecture to enable secure real-world network mobility
Georgopoulos, P., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 2011 In: NETWORKING'11. Berlin : Springer-Verlag p. 212-226. 15 p.

Towards a Secure and Seamless Host Mobility for the real world
Georgopoulos, P., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 2011 In: Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services (WONS), 2011 Eighth International Conference on. IEEE p. 134-141. 8 p.

Deploying Wireless Sensor Networking Technology in a Rescue Team Context
McCarthy, B., Varakliotis, S., Edwards, C., Roedig, U. 12/2010 In: Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks. Berlin : Springer Verlag p. 37-48. 12 p.

Characterising a grid site's traffic
Ma, T., El-khatib, Y., Mackay, M., Edwards, C. 2010 In: HPDC '10 Proceedings of the 19th ACM International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing. New York : ACM p. 707-716. 10 p.

Developing a Portable Wireless LAN Kit
Georgopoulos, P., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 2010 JANET
Working paper

Incorporating mobile sensor networks into the internet: an all IP approach
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Varakliotis, S., Kirstein, P. 2010 In: MobiArch '10: Proceedings of the fifth ACM international workshop on Mobility in the evolving internet architecture. New York, NY, USA : ACM p. 15-20. 6 p.

Intelligent Autonomous Handover in iMANETs
McCarthy, B., Georgopoulos, P., Edwards, C. 2010 In: MobiOpp '10 Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networking. New York : ACM p. 86-92. 7 p.

Location Awareness Rescue System : Support for Mountain Rescue Teams
Georgopoulos, P., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 2010 In: 9th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA), 2010 . IEEE p. 243-246. 4 p.

Theoretical and Practical Survey of Backhaul Connectivity Options
Georgopoulos, P., Rocha Sa e Moura, J.A., Md Noor, R., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 2010 JANET
Working paper

Editorial: Special section on networks for grid applications
Spinnato, P., Vicat-Blanc Primet, P., Edwards, C., Welzl, M. 09/2009 In: Future Generation Computer Systems. 25, 8, 2 p.

A managed IPv6 transitioning architecture for large network deployments
Mackay, M., Edwards, C. 1/07/2009 In: IEEE Internet Computing. 13, 4, p. 42 -51. 10 p.
Journal article

A comparison of MANET emulation techniques for the production of a realistic testbed with global communication capabilities
Palmer, W., McCarthy, B., Edwards, C. 04/2009 In: Wireless Telecommunications Symposium, 2009. WTS 2009. IEEE p. 1-8. 8 p.

Using NEMO to support the global reachability of MANET nodes.
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 04/2009 In: IEEE INFOCOM 2009. IEEE p. 2097-2115. 19 p.

Providing grid schedulers with passive network measurements
El-khatib, Y., Edwards, C., Mackay, M., Tyson, G. 2009 In: Proceedings of 18th Internatonal Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, 2009. ICCCN 2009.. San Francisco : IEEE p. 1-6. 6 p.

Next generation network management of heterogeneous mobile users
Rocha Sa e Moura, J.A., Dunmore, M., Edwards, C. 30/10/2008 In: MobiWac '08 Proceedings of the 6th ACM international symposium on Mobility management and wireless access. New York : ACM p. 111-118. 8 p.

The measurement and modeling of a P2P streaming video service
Gao, P., Liu, T., Chen, Y., Wu, X., El-khatib, Y., Edwards, C. 10/2008 In: Networks for Grid Applications . Berlin : Springer p. 24-34. 11 p.

Location Awareness in a Mountain Rescue Domain
Georgopoulos, P., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 06/2008
Conference paper

Using NEMO to Extend the Functionality of MANETs.
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 05/2008 In: IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops, 2008. ICC Workshops '08.. IEEE p. 455-460. 6 p. ISBN: 9781424420520.

A study of LBS accuracy in the UK and a novel approach to inferring the positioning technology employed.
Mohr, M., Edwards, C., McCarthy, B. 18/04/2008 In: Computer Communications. 31, 6, p. 1148 - 1159.
Journal article

Flexible Host-Based Handoff Selection for Next Generation Networks
Mackay, M., Moura, J., Edwards, C. 2008 In: ICN '08: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Networking. Washington, DC, USA : IEEE Computer Society p. 703-712. 10 p.

Protocols to efficiently support nested NEMO (NEMO+).
McCarthy, B., Jakeman, M., Edwards, C., Thubert, P. 2008 In: Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Mobility in the evolving internet architecture. New York : ACM p. 43-48. 6 p. ISBN: 978-1-60558-178-1.

A Survey-based Study of Grid Traffic
El khatib, Y., Edwards, C., EC-GIN (Funder) 17/10/2007
Conference paper

Diversity of Grid Traffic: A Survey-based Study
El khatib, Y., Edwards, C., EC-GIN (Funder) 28/06/2007
Conference paper

Trusted Asynchronous Structured Messaging Architecture
Tipper, P., Edwards, C. 03/2007
Conference paper

Advances in MANEMO: Definition of the Problem Domain and the Design of a NEMO-Centric Approach
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 2007 In: Applications and the Internet Workshops, 2007. SAINT Workshops 2007. International Symposium on . Hiroshima : IEEE p. 47-47. 1 p. ISBN: 0-7695-2757-4 .

Network transparency in a mountain rescue domain
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 2007 In: Internet Research. 17, 5, p. 465-478. 14 p.
Journal article

Supporting mountain rescue operations with IPv6, mobile routing and middleware
Dunmore, M., Edwards, C., McCarthy, B. 2007
Conference paper

A Method for Deriving Paths Across a Distributed Web of Trust
Tipper, P., Edwards, C. 10/2006
Conference paper

The Integration of Ad-hoc (MANET) and Mobile Networking (NEMO): Principles to Support Rescue Team Communication
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 10/2006
Conference paper

A comparative performance study of IPv6 transitioning mechanisms - NAT-PT vs. TRT vs. DSTM
Mackay, M., Edwards, C., Boavida, F., Plagemann, T., Stiller, B., Westphal, C., Monteiro, E. 2006
Conference paper

Applying NEMO to a mountain rescue domain
McCarthy, B., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M. 2006 In: Information Networking Advances in Data Communications and Wireless Networks. Springer p. 11-20. 9 p. ISBN: 978-3-540-48563-6.

Decentralised sliding mode control for nonminimum phase interconnected systems based on a reduced-order compensator
Yan, X., Spurgeon, S.K., Edwards, C. 2006 In: Automatica. 42, 10, p. 1821-1828. 8 p.
Journal article

Robust sensor fault reconstruction using right eigenstructure assignment
Tan, C.P., Kuang, Y.C., Edwards, C. 2006 In: DELTA '06: Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Workshop on Electronic Design, Test and Applications. Washington, DC, USA : IEEE Computer Society p. 435-439. 5 p.

IPv6 deployment support using an IPv6 transitioning architecture - The site transitioning architecture (STA)
Mackay, M., Edwards, C., DeSouza, J., Dini, P., Lorenz, P. 08/2004
Conference paper

IPv6 Transitioning Management Laying the Foundation for Managed IPv4/IPv6 Interoperation
Mackay, M., Edwards, C. 7/06/2004 In: TERENA networking conference 2004 .
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

A Caching Architecture for Content Delivery to Mobile Devices
Kara, H., Edwards, C. 09/2003
Conference paper

A Scenario-Based Review of IPv6 Transition Tools
Mackay, M., Edwards, C., Dunmore, M., Chown, T., Carvalho, G. 2003 In: IEEE Internet Computing. 7, 3, p. 27-35. 9 p.
Journal article

IPv6 migration implications for network management - Introducing the Site Transitioning Framework (STF)
Mackay, M., Edwards, C., Medhi, D. 2003
Conference paper

Multimedia Caching - An Overview
Kara, H., Edwards, C., Race, N.J.P. 06/2002
Conference paper

The Internet: A Global Telecommunications Solution?
Mathy, L., Edwards, C., Hutchison, D. 07/2000 In: IEEE Network. 14, 4, p. 46-57. 12 p.
Journal article

Experience on Quality of Service Support by Exploiting Reservation in IP and ATM Networks
Rigolio, G., Casaca, A., Shepherd, D., Giordano, S., Rossi, F., Edwards, C. 06/2000
Conference paper

The effects of filtered video on awareness and privacy
Boyle, M., Edwards, C., Greenberg, S. 2000 In: CSCW '00: Proceedings of the 2000 ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work. New York, NY, USA : ACM p. 1-10. 10 p.

Open network control: towards an integrated telecommunications future
Edwards, C. 11/1999 Lancaster University.
Doctoral Thesis

Meta-signalling for open network control
Edwards, C., Waddington, D., Hutchison, D. 03/1999
Conference paper

Principles of QoS in group communications
Mathy, L., Edwards, C., Hutchison, D. 1999 In: Telecommunication Systems. 11, 1-2, p. 59-84. 26 p.
Journal article

Providing scaleable QoS-based connectivity services
Banfield, M., Edwards, C., Charton, N., Hutchison, D. 1999
Conference paper

Supporting real-time multimedia applications with distributed object controlled networks.
Oliver, H., Edwards, C., Tran, F., Stefani, J., Hutchison, D. 04/1998
Conference paper

Open interface support for heterogeneous network services
Edwards, C., Hutchison, D., Waddington, D., Hutchison, D., Schafer, R. 1998
Conference paper

The Role of Distributed Computing in Telecommunications: Experiences and Analyses
Edwards, C., Hutchison, D., Oliver, H. 1998

Resource Management for Distributed Multimedia Applications
Waddington, D., Edwards, C., Hutchison, D., Fdida, S., Morganti, M. 1997
Conference paper

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