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Study Abroad

Tab Content: Where can I go?

Many of our partner universities are in located across the United States and Canada. You also have the opportunity of studying in Australia. The modules you will study there will be like those at Lancaster. The destinations and number of spaces vary by year, but wherever you go, it will be an experience to remember!

Tab Content: Can I afford it?

While there are financial implications to studying abroad, there is a wide range of support available.

There is financial help available in the form of:

  • reduced fees to Lancaster University. Fees are reduced to 15% during the year abroad, and there are no fees payable to the overseas institution
  • an enhanced student loan
  • a means-tested Government travel grant, which usually covers two return flights plus insurance.

Tab Content: What if I change my mind?

If you decide that you no longer want to study abroad, you can simply switch to the 'standard' degree scheme.

Tab Content: Entry requirements

Study abroad places are limited, so you'll need good grades in your A-levels and in your first year at Lancaster.

If you apply for a study abroad course, we will also consider you for the 'standard' degree scheme, for which the entry requirements are lower. You do not need to list both courses on your UCAS form.

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