Robotics and Control

Analysis, design, and optimisation of self-regulating and robotic systems, delivering faster, safer, and more cost-effective operations for industry.

A robot arm

About us

Our fundamental research into robotics and control is driven by its relevance to real-world problems, with projects across smart manufacturing, biomedical technologies, nuclear decommissioning, environmental monitoring and characterization, remote surgery, space assembly, agriculture, and smart grid. We are developing the next-generation vision and supervisory control systems for ground-based, underwater, and aerial robots that operate in complex, unstructured environments, with an emphasis on autonomy, uncertainty, and robustness.

Algorithms and software

We apply and develop novel algorithms for control system design, system identification, statistical modelling, and digital twin. Strengths include our research into data-based mechanistic models, AI-based telerobotics, cooperative control and navigation of mobile robots, and nonlinear adaptive control for hydraulic manipulators and UAVs. Our MATLAB-based CAPTAIN Toolbox for time series analysis and forecasting, used by industry and national agencies globally, has facilitated both expert and less experienced modellers in the analysis of data sets across a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Group Lead

Professor James Taylor

Professor of Control Engineering

Doctorate Centre in Nuclear Engineering, DSI - Foundations, Energy Lancaster, Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre, LIRA - Environmental Modelling, LIRA - Extreme Environments, LIRA - Fundamentals, Nuclear

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Professor James Taylor


Autonomous Inspection for Responsive and Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Manufacture (AIRS-NFM)
06/09/2021 → 05/05/2025

Novel High Performance Wave Energy Converters with advanced control, reliability and survivability systems through machine-learning forecasting (NHP-WEC)
01/08/2021 → 31/07/2024

Advancing Location Accuracy via Collimated Nuclear Assay for Decommissioning Robotic Applications
08/04/2021 → 31/03/2025

Motion Planning and Trajectory Generation for a Robot Assisted Laser Cutting Manipulator
01/10/2019 → 30/09/2021

Mobile Sensor Network for Deployment and Characterisation of the Environment in Nuclear Sites.
01/10/2018 → 31/03/2023

National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR)
02/10/2017 → 31/03/2022

Fluorescence spectra of alpha emitting isotopes for stand-off detector development
01/08/2017 → 18/10/2017

FST CASE studentship: Development of a Coded-aperture Neutron Imager for Nuclear Decommissioning Applications
01/09/2016 → 31/03/2019

In situ measurement and analysis of sludge using robotic platform
01/08/2016 → 31/08/2021

GPR Integrated Mixed-field Imaging
01/04/2016 → 30/03/2020

Adaptive Treatment and Robust Control
01/11/2015 → 31/01/2019

Industrial Case Account 2015
01/11/2015 → 30/10/2020

Alpha-induced Air Fluorescence even under daylight conditions
01/10/2015 → 30/04/2020

Autonomous Mobile Robotic Systems for Remote Handling and Decomissioning
01/10/2015 → 30/09/2018

The Microphenotron: Developing an Automated Microphenotyping Platform to Unlock the Potential of Chemical Biology in Plants
01/10/2014 → 30/03/2016

Fast, smooth and co-ordinated control of a dual-arm manipulator used for nuclear decommissioning
01/01/2010 → 31/12/2012