Do you want your car to be driven by a computer?

15 October 2018 12:55
driverless cars
An illustration of driverless cars

Transport expert Professor Roger Kemp looks at driverless cars in a free public lecture on Wednesday November 7th.

Every autumn, the Faculty of Science and Technology presents a series of free public lectures, held at The Storey in Lancaster.  

This year there are five lectures on topics ranging from dark matter in the Universe to the psychology of decision making, self-designing software systems and the formation of the Himalayas.

Professor Roger Kemp from the Department of Engineering said:

“In the last five years, there has been increasing enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles (AVs). The claimed benefits include energy consumption, efficient use of infrastructure, fewer accidents and mobility for all. Last year, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, told the BBC: ‘It will happen, I can promise you. It is happening already ... It is going to revolutionise our lives, it is going to revolutionise the way we work.’

“However, evidence shows that managing safety is more difficult than many had hoped. There are also questions over AVs energy use and their effects on congestion. And many people, already worried that US “tech” companies like Google already know too much about our lives, question whether we want them also to have detailed inventories of everywhere we go.”

To book a place, please register using either the Eventbrite link below each lecture, or by contacting Kate Hutchinson on or 01524 593952.

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