Lancaster University signs up to closer working with partners in cyber security and nuclear decommissioning

L-R: Templar Executives Limited CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority CEO David Peattie, Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University Andy Schofield.
L-R: Templar Executives Limited CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority CEO David Peattie, Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University Andy Schofield.

Key players in nuclear decommissioning and cyber security have signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) with Lancaster University.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which works on behalf of the UK Government to safely clean-up the 17 oldest nuclear sites, and global Cyber services consultancy Templar Executives signed the agreement at Lancaster University, bringing the three parties into closer alignment on key areas of work with implications for the future security, growth and economic wellbeing of the UK.

The MoU will support and expand Lancaster University’s existing capacity and investment in Cyber Security and Protection Sciences, as well as current expansion in both the Schools of Computing and Communications and Engineering. It also recognises the mutually complementary skills and experience of the partners and enables them to enhance co-operation in the civil nuclear business sector.

Recent developments at Lancaster University include a £19m initiative which will see the creation of a Data Cyber Quarter at Lancaster University focussing on data and cyber security research, teaching and innovation capabilities along with an unprecedented recruitment drive. This is in addition to a new and innovative part-time Cyber Security Executive MBA, in partnership with Templar Executives, to support business leaders in decision-making on Cyber investments for organisational resilience and the mitigation of threats.

The MoU will also contribute to Lancaster University’s long-standing expertise in nuclear engineering with researcher interests in nuclear decommissioning including robotics, fuel cycle, waste management, geological disposal, nuclear safety and regulation, environmental forensics, safeguards and security.

Lancaster University Vice-Chancellor Professor Andy Schofield said: “Lancaster is committed to working in partnership to develop the research and evidence base which underpins the security of Critical National Infrastructure in the UK. By joining with organisations such as the NDA and Templar Executives we are bringing the full strength of our research and teaching excellence to the table, to foster knowledge exchange at the highest level and ultimately, together, effect operational change.”

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority CEO David Peattie said: “We’re delighted to be furthering our relationship with Lancaster University and Templar Executives in the field of cyber space and cyber security.

“This MoU demonstrates our commitment to share understanding and expertise, recognising the complementary skills and experience of our organisations relating to cyber and the wider civil nuclear industry.

“Our work with all academic institutions is hugely important in progressing our mission and helping to create the subject matter experts we will need in the future to clean up our sites.”

Templar Executives, which is already in a strategic partnership with Lancaster University, delivers Cyber Security services to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sectors across the UK and globally, particularly Nuclear.

Templar Executives’ CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice said: “Templar Executives are proud to be a partner in this ground-breaking MoU. The input, knowledge and skills that this MoU embodies will ensure that all parties will be able to progress their Cyber Security resilience at an operational level. The collaboration from a leading university, a Cyber Security business with a global reputation and a CNI organisation with a drive for excellence in Cyber Security, is a powerful combination for change and development. We look forward to helping make the aims of the MoU a reality.”

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