School of Engineering PhD Student Receives a Prestigious IChemE Andrew Legacy Bursary

Student wearing protective gear in a lab holding a test tube and dropper.

Samane Gholami, a School of Engineering PhD student at Lancaster University, has been awarded a prestigious Andrew Legacy Bursary by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). This grant enables her participation in the Catalysis Summer School at the University of Liverpool from 24-28 June 2024, where she will join a select group of 20 early career researchers.

The bursary is open to IChemE members worldwide who are PhD, EngD or MSc students to travel to and stay in the UK for the duration of the programme. The bursaries are funded by the legacy of the late Professor Syd Andrew, an IChemE Fellow and distinguished expert in the field of catalysis. The bursary awards each person up to £2,000 in travel expenses and up to £1,000 to cover course fees and the cost of accommodation.

The Andrew Legacy Bursary aims to foster a deeper understanding of catalysis research among early career researchers. Through this programme, participants delve into the foundational principles of catalysis, catalytic reaction engineering, and green chemistry. Moreover, the Summer School serves as a platform to discuss and discover the latest developments in catalysis research, facilitating knowledge exchange within the catalysis community.

Samane's academic background, including her MSc focused on CO2 hydrogenation using nickel-based catalysts, and her current PhD research on liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) technology for hydrogen storage using novel catalysts with adequate activity and stability for the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of LOHC compounds, aligns closely with the themes of the Summer School. Her attendance in the Summer School will present a vital opportunity to deepen her understanding of catalysis fundamentals, explore novel catalyst monitoring techniques, investigate cooperative catalysis, and delve into life cycle assessment (LCA) for sustainable chemical transformations.

Beyond academic enrichment, the Catalysis Summer School will offer Samane an excellent opportunity to engage with industrialists, esteemed academics, and pioneering researchers, and will help in fostering collaborations and forging new connections that will enrich her professional journey in catalysis.

Commenting on receiving the award from the IChemE, Samane said:

“I feel extremely privileged to receive this prestigious bursary from the IChemE recognising my research in catalysis. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to deepen my understanding of catalysis and establish invaluable connections with both industrialists and academics through my participation in this programme. I extend my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Dr Basu Saha, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in securing this prestigious bursary and granting me access to this fantastic opportunity.’’

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