Women’s Engineering Society Student Conference: Engineering Inspiration

29 November 2017 13:00
Students from Lancaster University visit the 2017 Women's Engineering Society Student Conference.

Michelle Zemura, Eleanor Lambert and Hannah Burford, heard from inspirational speakers about the opportunities available to young Engineers and the amazing things going on in the industry. The conference, themed ‘Engineering to Change the World’ also included workshops to support job applications, such as CV writing, and panel sessions focused on exploring specific key industries, such as health or renewable energy.

When asked about what was gained from the conference, Michelle said:

“A confidence boost I wasn’t aware I needed. One of the challenges highlighted for female engineers was unpreparedness to fail. Realising that failure isn’t a reason to shy away from contributing to a project once it happens, but the basis of encouragement to get it right the next time. Also, the reminder that you don’t apply for a job or take up an opportunity because you are fully capable, but because the skills you have now and your ability to learn will help you succeed.

“An unparalleled networking opportunity. I gained a lot from speaking to like-minded students, female engineers who’ve had years of experience in the field, and advocates for women in technological fields. Some things were simple but highly useful, such as exchanging tips on working through similar projects or communicating technical ideas efficiently and effectively.

“It was also a great time to reflect on what you’ve achieved in your degree, while having potential future opportunities and potential challenges honestly communicated to you. Through the conference, I figured out the specifics of why I want a career in engineering, using that to determine the opportunities I should pursue and aid in maintaining perspective. It also helped just clear out any doubts I had before and answered questions that were otherwise holding me back from starting applications for jobs.”

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