Dr Michael Aspinall

International Senior Lecturer (BJTU)

Research Interests

Dr Aspinall's research began during his degree in Mechatronic Engineering (2005) with contributions towards the design and implementation of an advanced neutron spectrometer funded by an EPSRC Instrumentation Development Award (GR/R38538/01). His PhD (2008) was sponsored by the Think Crime! EPSRC research project (EP/C008022/1) which formed the DISTINGUISH consortium. His work here specifically focused on real-time digital assay of mixed radiation fields with prominent developments in real-time, digital pulse-shape discrimination of neutrons and gamma rays. Further extensive work led to the embodiment of these findings into technology with a TRL 9 that has served several nuclear establishments supporting additional research in nuclear safeguards, non-proliferation, neutron imaging and fast-neutron multiplicity analysis. Most notably he oversaw the delivery of the bespoke processing hardware and software for the ADRIANA liquid scintillator array at Lancaster University as part of the National Nuclear User Facility (NNUF) (EP/L025671/1). Since 2016 he has been part of a £1.6M EPSRC funded (EP/P018505/1) project comprising a team from Manchester University and Lancaster University developing instrumentation for the characterisation of extreme nuclear environments. More recently, he secured £247k (EP/T013532/1) as part of the EPSRC UK-Japan Civil Nuclear Research Programme to develop radiation tolerant criticality monitoring instrumentation.