Tom Abram

Senior Project Engineer, PhD student


Tom has been working in this area since 2002 helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow through accelerating R&D. Previously he worked in industry for many years as a design and development engineer in the automotive sector, designing powertrains, gearboxes and high performance engines. He is a member of the Institution of Engineering Designers.  

KTP: Atkinson Vos Ltd. & Lancaster University
04/02/2019 → 03/02/2021

TecHnology and EntrepreneUrship Education - Bridging the Gap for Smart Product Development
01/11/2018 → 31/08/2021

Additive Manufacturing - Technologies and Key Applications
25/09/2017 → 24/09/2018

Voxel Printing
18/11/2016 → …

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  • Structures, Materials and Manufacturing