Dr Xiaonan Hou

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


Dr Xiaonan Hou is a lecturer in mechanical engineering at the University of Lancaster. He obtained his PhD at Loughborough University, UK (2006-2010) in the area of mechanics of advanced materials, which was sponsored by both Loughborough University (UK) and NC State University (USA). After his PhD research, he joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK) and then The University of Warwick (UK) as a research fellow (2010-2016), when he started to work closely with world leading industry companies, such as Jaguar Land Rover, TATA Steel, EMS, Henkel, UnderArmor and Stratasys. The projects extensively include advanced engineering materials, vehicle lightweighting and metamaterial design.

On basis of his experience, Xiaonan has expertise in various advanced experimental and numerical methods to analyse mechanical properties of engineering materials under different loading conditions, such as static/dynamic testing systems, micro-CT system, optical image analysis system, FEM and DEM. Besides, he also has a wide knowledge in various manufacturing technologies: casting, injection moulding, adhesive jointing and rapid manufacturing.

  • Structures and Materials