Furness College accommodation blocks

Furness College

History, Setup & Rules.

Furness College was established in 1968 as the fifth college of the University, and the first to venture south of Alexandra Square. But that's Furness for you - always trying to be that little bit different.

The Furness Main building opened in 1970 and remains home to our social spaces, bar, Porters' Lodge and office suite. It was fully refurbished in 2012.

The original nine accommodation blocks also opened in 1970 and were named after parts of the Furness region in Cumbria. They were Hawkshead, Ulverston, Colton, Aldingham, Pennington, Dalton, Kirby Ireleth, Urswick and Lowick. The Furness Perimeter residences opened in 1992 and these were named Bardsea, Greenodd, Torver, Wetherlam and Brantwood.

In 2004 the University was expanding and much of the older campus accommodation was no longer seen as fit for purpose, so the original nine blocks were demolished and replaced with four much larger ensuite buildings. Four of the original names were re-used by student vote, while the others were lost.

There have been nine College Principals to date, with the latest - Dr Wlodek Tych - taking office in 2012.

College Structure

Furness is made up of two major groups of people: the students (Junior Common Room, or JCR) and the staff (Senior Common Room, or SCR).

All of the students are members of the JCR and annually elect a JCR Executive to represent student views, organise socials and campaigns, and provide opportunities for involvement within the college. They work closely with College Officers and aim to maximise the student experience during their time here.

The SCR is made up of members of University staff who are also members of Furness College. Some Senior members have a role in managing the College and form an integral part of college life by working closely with the JCR Exec and by contributing towards the intellectual and social experience of our students. Furness welcomes all interest on any level from staff members and you can find out more in our dedicated staff section.

You can find out more about our team here.


The College Syndicate includes all members of the SCR and JCR Executive. Meeting termly to oversee the running of the College, agree strategy and any consitutional amendments, Syndicate reports to the University Senate.

The College Principal is our representative at University Senate as well as the Colleges and Student Experience Committee (CSEC).

Here you will find the minutes to Syndicate. If you require any documents in different format like accessible PDF, large print, easy read then please contact us.