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Why should you choose us?

Furness is the smallest of Lancaster's eight undergraduate colleges, and we offer a vibrant and inclusive community at the heart of campus.

That's all part of our charm but it goes so much beyond that. Our people are at the root of our success and we have a dedicated and integrated team that aim to provide you with the best student experience possible, from before you get here until after you've gone. But really it's the student body that make Furness what it is and we regularly hear about how easy it is to get to know people, and how there's always somebody about for a chat, a coffee or a game of pool.

We have a varied social calendar and a diverse sporting life, but there's no pretence of greatness - we can hold our own in a game, but it's definitely the taking part that counts here rather than the expectation of carrying home the silverware!

Take a look down the page to find out about our facilities, the services we offer, and read a few endorsements from our past students. If you have any queries about life in Furness, get in touch or come and see us! You can find out about our people and what they do on the people page.

Why should you choose Furness? Well as the motto suggests, 'Everywhere Else is Nowhere'...

Why I chose Furness...

"Furness has always been pitched as a family-feel college because it is so small and tight-knit. Here, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is – you always have a place, you always have a group of people you can go to. I always wanted to make sure I put myself out there, got to know different people and do as many different things as possible".

Cris Da Cunha, Class of 2018.

Welcome Week

What can you expect from Welcome Week in Furness? Well there will be a warm welcome to you on arrival, a schedule of social and orientation events, some free food, some important inductions into college life and a few bigger events you might want to join in with.

Always doing things a little differently from the others, at the end of the week we take two coachloads of students up to Windermere and charter a boat for an afternoon cruise with an on-board barbecue. The perfect way to wind down ready to start your studies. Take a look at the Furness Welcome Week page here for more details.

Connect with Furness College

Before you arrive, you can like Furness College on Facebook. We also have an official Facebook group, Furness Freshers 2019-20, for all incoming students where you can meet your fellow Furnessians, find out more about Furness and receive updates on the events we have planned for Welcome Week. You can also follow us on our Instagram page.

Furness students holding welcome banners
Arrivals Day in Furness

Services & Facilities

If you have any queries at any point you can visit the colleges offices, where you'll find our College and Accommodation Managers and the College Wellbeing Officer. You can find out more about the team on our people page.

We offer a comprehensive support network that starts with our student reps and includes the college officers, 24-hour security during term time and ultimately the University's main Student Services team. Take a look at our Welfare and Support page to find out who's on hand and what they do.

Furness also offers travel grants to students planning trips of educational benefit, and emergency loans for those that need them.

Why I chose Furness...

"Furness is exactly as described – a close-knit community at the heart of the University. I wanted a home away from home, somewhere I could meet like-minded people, and with that came the most incredible people and the best community imaginable. My Lancaster experience would not be a fraction of what it has been without the staff, students, opportunities and the family of Furness".

Shannon McCaul, JCR President 2018.

College bar

Legend has it that Furness bar was named after the first person that crossed the threshold following a refurbishment many years ago, hence our much loved social space is known as Trevor. Situated in the Furness College building it plays host to many student events through the year such as the weekly college quiz night and is also somewhere students enjoy to sit, work and relax through the day. The bar space flows in to the common room, and connects to the main quad and a smaller patio garden.

There's a wide variety of gins behind the bar and an annual Gin Festival every February. We also run Jam in Furness occasionally through the year, a music night where anyone can join in and play, sing or just listen to the music.

Student in Trevor

College facilities

Furness offers a number of different places for you to gather and socialise, all grouped around our courtyard in the main college building. Our common room has pool tables and dart boards, as well as more sofas and banqette seating for you to relax on. The TV room also includes a Playstation and you can borrow the controls from the Porter by leaving your student card as a deposit.

The college kitchen provides a place for students living off-campus to rest and cook during the day, and there are lockers for those students to use during the year. There's also a study room providing a quiet environment and some computers for students to work individually or in groups.

Student playing Pool
Common Room


Furness has 538 bedspaces across the nine accommodation blocks, offering both Standard and Superior Ensuite options to our students. This is all neatly arranged between the main college building and the east perimter road. More information can be found on our accommodation page.

Over 100 rooms are available to Furness students that want to live on campus after their first year and full details of this are communicated each November after the annual Housing Fair.

Furness accommodation

Enterprise zone

If you want to be part of college life and contribute to our spirit and community - and you have a business idea to develop - you might be interested in our enterprise offices.

Mind Your Own Business was a concept devised in 2012 after the refurbishment of the college building, which set aside office space for students with embryonic businesses to develop. You can pitch to our panel each term to be granted use of the office space.

We're always keen to support your ambition and welcome new faces along the corridor. Some of our students - such as Henry and Piotr pictured - have gone on to great successes after minding their own business here!

Two student entrepreneurs

Furness JCR

The JCR Exec

Our JCR Exec is the group of Furness students that their peers around the college have voted into office the previous autumn. They organise events, sport and socials around the college, as well as presiding over the weekly quiz in Trevor. The Exec are keen to ensure that every Furnessian is represented and are happy to talk to any of the student body.

Elections take place every November and it's a great way to get involved with the college and help shape the student experience, so why not run for a position?


Furness JCR
Furness JCR

Furness Sport

We may be a small college but we can still cobble together a team and give the others a good game! From football and netball to pool and darts, there are plenty of ways Furness students can have a casual game, or join a team to represent us. There's also the Patriots Cup against Cartmel, the University-wide Carter Shield and even the annual Roses clash with the University of York. Take a look at the sports page for more details.

Furness students in the Sports Centre
Furness Sport